Christopher Kah - Session XLII - Dato Duo x Roland TR-6S

YouTuber Christopher Kah is having so much fun with the Dato Duo.While looking into the device this morning I was surprised to discover it is on a deep discount! Ordinarily the Dato Duo runs for €329, but today it is €272 in their store! The Roland TR-6S is also nicely utilized in this piece.

Video Description:

Just discovered this little machine last week,
And fits perfectly with my philosophy, simple concept can doing many many things !
A Toy for children? Sounds perfects for me ! :)
Here the proof with the Roland TR-6S x Dato Duo

« Do the Max. with the Min.» #LIMITEDRESOURCE

Ambient // OP-1 // DFAM // Samplr // Dapper // Revox B77

YouTuber Paul-Aaron Wolf created some very richly textured ambient with his hardware and Samplr!

Video Description:

Live performance with analog and digital synthesizers, printed on tape at 3 3/4" speed.

Teenage Engineering OP-1
Valenton Dapper MDR
iPad Pro with Samplr
Behringer Xynex 502
Revox B77 Stereo Tape Recorder

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Behringer FLOW 8 Digital Audio Mixer: Second Look

DcSoundOp did a follow-up to their video on the new FLOW 8 Digital Audio Mixer from Behringer. This video answers questions they've received from the first.

Video Description:

We're following up with the Behringer Flow 8 in this video & answering your questions - There were so many questions on the first look video - - it seemed like a good time to answer some of the top questions that have come in so far. If you have other questions or thoughts to share, please let me know in the comments!

The FLOW 8 is an eight channel mixer and interface that is controlled almost entirely by it's accompanying FLOW APP. A new approach to desktop mixers for sure, and powered by micro-USB, a great option for mobile users on the go. Podcasts, vlogs or performers packing light, this one is jammed full of features to get the job done.

Leave any questions you have here on the video & I'll do my best to get you answers. Thanks for watching - see the full post at

AA Battery: Bastl Drum Kastle Jam

YouTuber AA Battery is having a bunch of fun with his little gadgets. Both the Drum Kastle and miniKP2 would make for great stocking stuffers. Though the miniKP2 is primarily suited to LoFi effects, it is a lot of fun.

Video Description:

Some Bastl Instruments Drum Kastle fun! Spiced with some nice FX from the Korg Mini Kaosspad S2. And yes, the LED lamp is powered by the kastle and blinking in rhythm.

CME WIDI Master Bluetooth MIDI Adapter - Demo & Review

YouTuber Scott Uhl reviews the WIDI Master Bluetooth MIDI Wireless Adapter. This was just released by CME, and is ranked as Amazon's #1 New Release in the MIDI cable category. You may recall CME's name from their popular line of XKey keyboards.

Video Description:

In this video, we are checking out the WIDI Master by CME. This is a Wireless MIDI Adapter, and I will be doing a demo and a review on the product. This is a great device for connecting wireless midi gear, and we will go over the specs, testing range, testing latency, and more.

0:00 - Intro
1:04 - Specs
1:29 - Setup
2:00 - Connect to Ipad
2:16 - Connect to Computer
2:48 - Ways to Use
4:00 - Latency Test
4:45 - Connect WITHOUT Computer/Tablet
5:18 - Range Test (2 WIDI's)
7:45 - Range Test (with iPad)
9:29 - Final Thoughts

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