Digital DJ Tips: How To Choose A DJ Controller For Your Kid

Digital DJ Tips had a great video idea! Lots of kids will be asking their parents for a DJ controller this year. Instead of buying some random junk at Bed Bath & Fucking Beyond, here are kid-and-budget-friendly purchases as recommended by a DJ! There is also an accompanying article.

Video Description:

Buying a DJ set-up for a child this Christmas? Want to know what DJ gear is right for a young first-timer? Join Phil Morse for this week's Tuesday Tips Live and find out!

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Alex Fain: DrumComputer iOS - Controlled via Akai MIDImix

Alex Fain has gotten a lot of great use of out his Akai MIDImix. Previously we saw him using the controller on several instances of Pure Acid. Here's a new one that makes it look like the MIDImix was designed for Sugar Byte's new DrumComputer!

Video Description:

DrumComputer app controlled using AKAI midimix
Patterning 2 Is also controlled with Midimix

Todd Smith: Between Two Worlds

YouTuber Todd Smith delivers some dark Industrial from his Behringer synths sequenced by Korg Gadget.

Video Description:

Support Links :
Bandcamp :
Patreon :
Pay Pal :
Bitcoin : 3AvXMD6UcWKsZF4RrzFuPCcXy8SuqEpAtf
Ethereum : 0x9F3502db6403Ba638027D17520c7758ecA0a49F2
Bitcoin Cash : qpu0tuxd26s947q67vshpdhz653dhhy3f5dcukk9c2
SoundCloud :

Between Two Worlds is 100% free on my latest album. Dark synths and electronic sounds create a tense atmosphere. You can find Humanity Lost on Bandcamp today, I'm still adding tracks and polishing off the album.

Kaossilator Pro Synced to iKaossilator on iPhone

YouTuber Otonic jammed out hard with the iKaossilator app on his iPhone, and a Kaossilator Pro!

Video Description:

Looping on Korg Kaossilator, Ableton Live, and iPhone iKaossilator app.

Elektron Digitone - Using Class Compliant USB MIDI & Audio

Elektron Video Klub posted this fun jam with his Elektron Digitone connected to an iPad running Koala Sampler. Koala is providing the drums, which the Digitone is sequencing via its class-compliant USB interface.

Video Description:

Elektron Digitone is handling the melodic and bass parts of the performance, with a few percussive elements thrown in as sound locks. But the main drum and percussion parts are coming from an iOS and Android app called Koala. Digitone is controlling and sequencing the Koala App on an iPad with a USB to lightning adapter. The audio from Koala is being sent back via USB Audio and mixed in with the Digitone.

Throughout the video, FX are being manipulated manually in Koala using the iPad App. When new sounds are introduced with Koala, a screen recording will come up to show how the Digitone's internal midi tracks are sequencing Koala.

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