DIY Arduino MIDI Sequencer - Test #1

YouTuber YMNK has constructed a 4-channel DIY MIDI sequencer with an Arduino. Here he's using his invention to sequence two Volcas, a Moog Sirin, and a Roland JX-03, all from a single MIDI keyboard input.

Video Description:

I started to design and build this midi sequencer few weeks ago.
It's a four channel MIDI sequencer that works with 32 steps (I plan to increase it to 64).

In this video the keyboard is connected to the input of the sequencer and the output is connected to a Volca Bass, a Volca Keys, a Moog Sirin and a Roland JX03.

I use the iPad just to process effects on the synths (using BLEASS Delay, BLEASS Reverb, BLEASS Shimmer and BLEASS Compressor as a limiter on the main output).

I will provide schematics and code in further weeks.

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iCON Pro Audio: Duo Live Interfaces

Manufacturer iCON Pro Audio has released a couple of audio interfaces designed to bridge between mobile devices and desktop computers. You can actually connect to both simultaneously!

The Duo22 Live is a two-input/two-output USB interface for $110 on Amazon, while the Duo44 Live bumps that up to four-in/four-out for $170.

Both units connect to a computer using a standard USB 2.0 cable. At the same time they can also be connected to a mobile device using USB-C! If you don't have an appropriate USB-C device or adapter, you can also connect with a TRRS cable.

The Duo44 also adds MIDI ports to the deal.

Everybody Needs An EMX (chisel316 cover)

YouTuber chisel316 did an amusing cover of the classic Everybody Needs A 303 on his Electribe EMX. I've noticed that the price on used EMX-1's have gone up by about $100 in the last 10 years. I bought my ESX in 2009 for about $300, and used EMX's were around that price too. I wonder if this cover is more fitting than we realize, and EMX-1's will be around $3,000 in a couple of decades.

Video Description:

It's been eight years since I posted an EMX video. This time around I made a live cover of Fatboy Slim's Everybody Needs A 303. This is 100% Korg EMX. Headphone out directly into my camera. I spent most of the time finding that "sweet spot". Did I find it for you? If so, please comment on the time. Regardless, please enjoy!

Jam in the Park

Matrix Mirage was joined by his friend Lon for an hour long performance in the park. Their experimental style combines synths with ambient guitar in a surprisingly enjoyable way. I especially liked this combination in the jam that starts around 20:00. I'm frankly surprised a Karen didn't call in the cops to report a bomb threat.

Video Description:

Lon and I filmed our first completely battery powered jam session in the park recently. Here is the video of the performance. We used a Bluetti usb battery pack that has a 110 outlet for recharging laptops. It performs very well and actually had quite a bit of power left after we finished. I used Blocs Wave and Korg Gadget on my Ipad for backing tracks tracks that I sampled from my Moog Werkstatt, along with the rest of my Volcas and Bastle Kastle. Lon played his guitar through a Line 6 Pocket Pod and a delay pedal. We filmed everything on a Gopro Hero 7.

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Behringer FLOW 8 Digital Audio Mixer: First Look

YouTuber DcSoundOp got their hands on a new mixer from Behringer. The $300 FLOW 8 mixer has a lot of impressive features; including Bluetooth control from a mobile device. Personally, pre-amps are the second least likely thing I'd trust Behringer with, but this is an impressive feature set for the price.

Video Description:

We've got the freshly announced Behringer Flow 8 Bluetooth controlled digital mixer in for a very early first look this week. This one is an eight channel mixer and interface that is controlled almost entirely by it's accompanying FLOW APP. A new approach to desktop mixers for sure, and powered by micro-USB, a great option for mobile users on the go. Podcasts, vlogs or performers on the go, this one is packed full of features to get the job done.

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