Kickstarter: Effintone USB-C Guitar Interface Cable

Effintone just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their product, a USB-C Guitar Interface cable that is fully class-compliant.

They're already a quarter of the way to their modest goal and hope to ship these to backers in December of this year. You can pre-order yours for $20!

Perplex On: Novation AFX Station Presets Walkthrough

Perplex On is among an elite group of sound designers tasked with producing the factory presets for Novation's new AFX Station. This limited edition version of the Novation Bass Station II ships with the Aphex Twin mode firmware. This mode allows for pure madness with per note patch variations. The firmware has been available for Bass Station II for years, so you now have a choice between picking up a used one for around $300 or this new model for $440. Here's a demo from Perplex On himself!

Video Description:

I had the immense honor of creating some official presets for the new Novation AFX STATION that come with the device! Here is an overview of them while skipping through and tinkering with them a bit. All sounds are coming directly from the AFX STATION and its internal sequencer, only a touch of reverb was added where i found it suitable. Enjoy!

YMNK: BLEASS Alpha + Moog Sirin

YMNK got some luscious synthesis going on with his Moog Sirin running into an iPad with BLEASS Alpha.

Video Description:

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Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: Roland MC-101 Vs. Novation Circuit

If you're in the market for a mobile groovebox, Nu-Trix The Synth Guy compares the popular Novation Circuit with Roland's MC-101. This review might seem skewed at first, but stick with it! Nu-Trix's observations end up being very well balanced by the end.

Video Description:

Roland MC-101 VS Novation Circuit
Both Roland MC-101 and Novation Circuit are great portable grooveboxes. But the question comes quickly which one is the best groovebox? They don't offer the same features and are not exactly aimed at the same target clientele. If I could only bring one of them on a desert island i would pick.....? Check out the video for more info.
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mylarmelodies: How To Make a Modular TB-303

While mylarmelodies' latest video on "possibly one of the most expensive ways" to get a 303 sound, is not even remotely relevant to the usual interests of this site; it is the most entertaining modular video I've ever seen.

Video Description:

This video is sneaky. It's not really about 'How to make 303 in Eurorack', it's how two extra modules can enhance any voice/jamming system (or indeed 'groovebox') - meet the Mutable Instruments Warps and Soundmachines LS1 Lightstrip! LINK TO LONGER VIDEO & MORE BELOW!

🢂 An EXTENDED 24 minute version of this video, which carries on, explains a little more about the Stepper Acid, with more jams, is available to Patreon subscribers here: ...So why not sign up and also support the channel, yeah? 🢀



► LS-1 Lightstrip:
► Mutable Instruments Warps:
► Stepper Acid:
► AcidLab M303:
► Roland TR-8:
► Elektron Analog Heat MKI: (Note: I have MKI)
► Chase Bliss Mood (for reverb):
► Boss DD7 (for delay):
► CV/OCD (turning MIDI into analog clock):
► Intellijel Palette Case:

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