Berglund Instruments NuEVI with Moog Model 15

YouTuber BANANA su is back with another video of the NuEVI with his iPad. The video starts off with an impressive performance in Model 15, and continues with a lengthy tutorial in Japanese on setting it up.

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

I connected NuEVI from Berglund Instruments to my iPad and played it.

Since it is also driven by USB bus power, power is also supplied from the iPad!
This time, it comes with a simple setup guide.

0:00 Demo performance using the iPad app "Moog Model 15"
1:40 How to connect to the iPad / Necessary items
2:45 Settings on the Model15 side
br /> 6:00 NuEVI breath, pitch bend width adjustment

The NuEVI / NuRAD from Berglund Instruments
is now on sale in Japan!
Since it is basically made to order, the delivery time is said to be two months after receiving the order.

Kowski Music and Sound Co., Ltd.
(Domestic agency / sales)

Shimamura Musical Instruments Shinjuku PePe Store
(Exhibition / Trial / Sale) -synth / 20200917/6471

Berglund Instruments NuEVI demo

Twitter @ kretek877
Instagram @ bananasu877

Roland MC-101 & MC-707 v1.60 Update: USB Class Compliance!

Roland released firmware updates for the MC-101 and MC-707. The most impressive feature in here is USB Class Compliant drivers! Roland are notorious for their shitty driver support, with many of their legacy devices becoming unusable due to a lack of necessary driver support.

This update just greatly extended the lifespan of these grooveboxes!

Video Description:

With the new Version 1.60 update, the MC-101 and MC-707 GROOVEBOXES continue to evolve with inspiring features for music creation and live performance:
• Powerful new arpeggiator livens up your productions with tasty melodic lines and real-time control over motif, rhythmic variation, octave, and hold on/off
• Random Tone Generator sparks fresh ideas with multiple algorithmic options that create interesting new tones on the fly
• USB generic driver mode lets you connect your MC GROOVEBOX directly to a smartphone or tablet, great for producing with Zenbeats or your favorite DAW
• Expanded ZEN-Core compatibility lets you import Sound Pack drum kits in addition to instrument tones

In this video, Peter Brown walks you through the new MC GROOVEBOX features of Version 1.60 below:
00:00 Overview
00:28 Arpeggiator
01:58 Random Tone Generator
03:50 USB Class Compliant/Generic Driver
04:50 Sound Pack Kit Import

Other updates:
• Direct USB Mixout
• Scatter functions - MIDI Note message enabled
• Compressor – gain meter and updated parameters added
• Sub-step on Tone track
• Note Tie on Drum Track
• Sound Knob (MC-707 only)

Visit for more details on the Roland MC-101 / MC-707 v1.60 Update:
➤ ROLAND MC-101:
➤ ROLAND MC-707:

Watch nearly 3 hours of MC-707 Video Manuals here:
Watch the complete MC-707 Video Manual here:

014london70 - Stop Bajon (Lee B Acid Dub)

YouTuber 014london70 brings us some lightly-acidic Balearic House, a term I haven't even heard in ages.

Video Description:

Acid Dub jam sampling the classic Balearic track by Tullio De Piscopo

Behringer TD-3, Model D & Korg Gadget - Industrial Acid Jam

YouTuber Todd Smith did some great Industrial Acid that I personally found super inspiring!

Video Description:

Bandcamp :
SoundCloud :
Patreon :

I started a little electro/industrial track last night and wanted to share my early results. I'll be adding to this track either by extra multi tracking or reworking/adding sequencing and maybe some live keys.
Behringer Model D handles the sub bass, TD-3 tackles lead synth while Korg Gadget acts as the "groovebox", suppling all midi sequencing, drums and backing sounds.

You can find all my music 100% free (pay what you want) on Bandcamp. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to enjoy/support my music and content. It really means a lot and you've changed my life forever.

SeniorBeatBox - Underdub

SeniorBeatBox takes us on our second Underwater Adventure of the week, with Borderlands and hardward!

Video Description:

FB Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge - 9/20/20 - "Underwater Adventure"
gear used: Deluge, Erebus, iPad (Borderlands app), Shruthi clone, Volca Keys, Keystep, KP3; edited on iPad with LumaFusion.

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