VolcaNiced: Underwater - Hardware Jams Challenge

YouTuber VolcaNiced does an excellent job of demonstrating that you don't need to spend a fortune on gear to make great sounding music. This collection of inexpensive Volcas sound amazing in his practiced hands!

Video Description:

I saw TrikOsc's wonderful Jam here:

...and then I thought ... ok challenge accepted .... but I think he beat me... damn.

The Water Sample is a recording I did today here at a river in the near....
The fish are from youtube...


Tim Millers Challenge

"So here is what I’m thinking.
Greetings Jammers,
Let me start by stating, in past couple of year’s here, I have watched everyone here grow and I am truly impressed, honored to be apart of this group. The community support is top notch, with a diverse background in each artist.
So for my first weekend challenge here, I felt it would be appropriate to present my very first challenge brought to me by my professor in college. He said, “Tim, what does a piano sound like underwater?” That blew my mind back then, and one of my very first challenges that I submitted was a challenge by @Andrew Coogan to the effect of, create a jam that sounds underwater. So, here’s the challenge, make a jam that has an underwater element to it, any genre, any bpm, just as long as it feels like “an underwater adventure “

Stefano Mattia: Techno sketch // 0-Coast

Stefano Mattia did the most impressive thing I've heard from a 0-Coast, with a little help from Logic.

Video Description:

0-Coast showing some seriously biting character in this short techno jam.
Not the kind of music I usually make, but it was Friday night and I somehow came up with this monster patch and played along.
The slope with both Rise and Fall set to 12 0'clock, and with Vari-Response set to linear, generates a very sweet sounding triangle-like wave, which is the one you hear in the beginning. Blending overtones from the main oscillator, and playing with the Multiply and Overtone knobs results in a whole range of abrasive tones, which I reckon might come in handy in some situations. The Contour EOC feeds the clock, while a mix of random signal, slope and "MIDI B" triangle LFO modulates overtones and gate, resulting in variable note lengths. Finally, the square "MIDI B" square LFO hits the Linear FM once in a while, generating interesting periodic glitches.
I added drums and reverb (a Bricasti M7 IR in Logic's Space Designer) and a bass line in Logic.

Teenage Engineering POM 400 - Full Review

Molten Music Technology did a detailed review of the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 400. This is a $600 modular synthesis kit with a lot of features crammed into a small package. They are just rolling out to distributors now, so it is a little hard to find them, but I expect to see a lot of yellow boxes in the future.

Video Description:

Here's a deep dive into the newly refreshed Pocket Operator Modular 400 synthesizer. I talk about the design, the improvements, the sound, the price, the possibilities, the flaws and what this thing is capable of. Lots of sound examples, patching and pros and cons.

Teenage Engineering sent the POM 400 to me for the purposes of review.

Support my video making with a dollar or two:

Check out everything I do on synths, modular, DIY, Surface Pro, music tech software and hardware

Index - 0:00
Intro and overview - 0:16
Getting into the synth - 11:51
Making music - 27:45
Conclusions - 45:34

Korg Volca Sample v2 is Here - Hard Way Randomised Jam!

YouTuber VolcaNiced got a new KORG volca sample2, which looks identical to the original Volca Sample.

The latest iteration adds a USB port and 8MB of sample memory, so this is a big upgrade. You just need to be careful about where you buy it to make sure you're getting the real deal, because just looking at the face it seems to be identical to the original.

Video Description:

Join our Synth Help Channel https://discord.gg/zCfnVag

0:25 randomizing samples
3:00 Jam Starting

Hello my friends

here it is, the Volca Sample 2. Many thanks to KORG for sending us this wonderful piece of hardware early on.

The first jam today is supposed to show a bit how easy it is to make music with the Volca sample, even if you are using random samples. Of course you don't have to do it the way I did, because the fun can quickly suffer if you catch samples that don't fit so well.

But you know me, always a challenge more when possible.

And I did such a Jam in my Jamuary 2020 here allready with the Volca Sample:

The most important differences between the Volca Sample and the second version are the micro USB port, which allows you to load samples faster (there is also software available for this), and the additional 50 samples on the device.

I will upload more videos to the Volca sample in the next few days so that you can get an impression of the variety of samples.

Since many will ask this question: Is it worth buying the sample v2 if you already have the first sample? The clear answer: no.
For everyone else who has been thinking of buying a Volca sample and may have stumbled over the usability (connection with 3.5 jack to load samples) can now access it without worries.

Have fun watching and imitating
Stay healthy.

M8 Tracker Live Perfomance

Stas Che is among the lucky few in the first batch of M8 pre-orders! This dedicated hardware provides the same workflow found in the Nintendo Game Boy's LSDj. The M8's design expands beyond the features of the classic music app, and includes a touchscreen for expression. The whole package looks amazing in Stas' hands. Unfortunately you can't directly buy one of these yet, as they're still fulfilling orders from early backers.

Video Description:

Wife made me a birthday present and yesterday it fell into my hands. It's a tracker like LSDJ but with touchscreen midi in out audio in out and many other cool feature and size is less then game boy original.
It's just a short demo how it can sounds, sorry for quality of video)
There is no samples into this project, just instruments which you can make yourselves on this device.

All info about product can be found here: https://dirtywave.com/
P.S. Timoty (Trash80), thank you for hard work, you did an awesome product.

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