Model Samples - Deep Session 2

YouTuber 014london70 is getting deep with his new Elektron Model:Samples.

Video Description:

Uptempo Deep Beats jam with my new toy 😍

014london70: Model Samples + TD-3 Soft Acid Techno

YouTuber 014london70 is producing some nice Deep House in his Elektron Model:Samples with some "Soft Acid" from the Behringer TD-3. I have to admit the TD-3 does sound pretty good. If, like me, you are troubled by Behringer as a company and do not want to directly support them, you could pick up a used TD-3 for cheap on eBay without sending a dime to Behringer.

Video Description:

First time linking up the TD-3 with the MS. Still early days for me getting my head around the button combos on the MS. A couple of schoolboy errors thrown in for good measure

Sonic LAB Review: Arturia KeyStep 37 Controller

Nick Batt from Sonic State reviews the new Arturia KeyStep 37. The original KeyStep has been a popular choice for a mini MIDI controller to pair with iOS devices! At $400 for the 37-key variant it is priced like a cross between their $260 BeatStep Pro and the original $130 KeyStep, but that's not really the deal here. This is much more keyboard focused; sporting features like a new chord function with strum. Nick reveals all in this video!

Correction: Arturia have too many things called the same thing! This is not the $400 37-key KeyStep I linked too originally. Because that is Pro and this is not-Pro. This Arturia 37-key KeyStep not-Pro is only $170.

Video Description:

We're looking at the latest MIDI controller from Arturia, which takes the concept of the original and wildly successful Keystep and adds extra keys and extra features. New are 5 extra keys, making it a little more playable - it features the same small keys and the same velocity and aftertouch - but also adds tri-colour LEDs above each key for showing currently playing notes (green) /keyboard notes (yellow) and settings (blue) while in shift mode - very handy.

Also new are 4 , assignable MIDI control knobs (over 4 banks), giving up to 16 knobs - assignable CC number and MIDI channel. FInally we get a two character LED which really helps with step programming and other status messages.

There’s also a new Chord function which has a strum speed and direction, divisible by master tempo- this in practice is a nice feature and can be combined with the sequencer to “perform” extra note movements.

Another new feature is the ability to channelise the 64 step Sequencer (same 8 sequence memory) separately from the keyboard, so when in play mode, you can play a separate external MIDI channel from the main sequence - this is pretty neat actually, though I would have liked to have seen a separate port for the CV/Gate via USB.

Speaking of USB, the Keystep 37 can be powered from external 12v 1.5 supply (included) or via USB - which many will be pleased to hear is of the larger more robust connection type - those mini USB are handy but not very tough. You also get the earth de-coupling splitter doo-da for simultaneous power and data over USB - to remove the potential ground loop when connecting MIDI and CV to the same computer.


Rheyne: MIDI Fighter 3D and Modular Synths

YouTuber Rheyne used to be featured here regularly before he was consumed by his Eurorack modular setup. His style has always been a groovy kind of mellow that I dig, and I greatly enjoyed this one. He's bringing some performance to the performance, with a MIDI Fighter 3D. There's a companion video that explains this setup.

Video Description:

A jam with a modular synth controlled by a DJ Techtools MIDI Fighter 3D, with a Hexinverter Mutant Brain used as a MIDI to CV converter. The performance was recorded in one take with no overdubs.

Routine Breakdown:


haQ attaQ: MicroFreak Vocoder - No Gooseneck Mic Test

Sometimes life gives you lemons. Sometimes life gives YouTuber Jakob Haq no gooseneck microphones.

Video Description:

Arturia recently published a MicroFreak synthesizer firmware update with a that includes a new Vocoder mode and I'm trying to find a good microphone to use with it. Now this new firmware update is is free and it works with the older original version of the MicroFreak, pretty sweet. Arturia also released a new white version of the MicroFreak that comes with a gooseneck microphone so new users are have their vocoder action covered. Us older MicroFreak owners though, we have to find another mic option for now and it turns out that the mic input is of a TRRS type, so we might already have what we need at home.


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