Coster Scott - TRANSMISSIN

YouTuber Coster Scott did some late night droning with his 0-coast and FieldScaper!

Video Description:

Late night transmission. To drone or not to drone is not a question.

VolcaNiced - Dream of a Fish

YouTuber VolcaNiced did a beautiful downtempo live performance on his Volcas and Circuit!

Video Description:

Hello my dears,

this song is a rerun from a jam last weekend. A friend invited me to his housewarming party and asked me to jam. Unfortunately, and I'm really sorry about that, I already had problems with the Roland Go Mixer Pro, so the jam was recorded with the smartphone micro, so the sound is unfortunately not that good. You can also hear people talking and that's not pleasant. I uploaded the video, but I am still negotiating whether to share it. Above all, I have to ask everyone who can be heard on the video for permission. I didn't want to wait that long.

I also took the opportunity to try out my new projector. That works really well. I will try more there.

There is a part of the jam that I particularly like and that I really wanted to show you. That's why I tried to act out the whole thing. It's always difficult for me, as you know.

If I ever release the jam video, you can compare which is better.

Besides that, so much is happening right now. I don't know where to start.

What I can tell you is that there will be a 3K / 200K party. I will probably host a live stream and there I will also be giving away "things". Be curious. I really have to find the time for it.

On 9/8 the new Volca Sample V2 is coming and I can hardly wait. KORG will send me one as soon as it appears so that I can show it to you.

There's a lot more we need to talk about, but I think I'll make a video of the details. Especially the new video concepts in which I would like to involve you in connection with the Discord Synth Community which you can already find here:

For today I wish you a lot of fun with this video.

Gary P Hayes: Around The World in One Jam

Gary P Hayes impressed me early on in his YouTube career with some amazing performances on very minimal gear. His studio has been greatly upgraded in the last year, and his style has only gotten more impressive!

Video Description:

Improvisation Composed and Performed © Gary P Hayes on
ASM Hydra Synth, Elektron Digitakt & Model:Cycles
Arturia MicroFreak, Waldorf Streichfett, Korg Minilogue XD
Strymon BlueSky, Korg KaossPro, Zoom ARQ-48
Arturia Keysteps and CME XKey37
Recorded in Mount Victoria Blue Mtns Australia

Wired Space Wizard - A Suitcase Filled with Broken Watches

YouTuber Wired Space Wizard used Xynthesizr to sequence his Suitcase Filled with Broken Watches.

Video Description:

A Modular on the Patio ambient jam.

Finally got down below triple digits! Still hotter than Hades, but bearable!

So, earlier in the week, I received delivery of a uPlaits from CalSynth and I have to say, I could not be happier! All the sonic delight of the original Mutable Instruments and only 8 hp. CalSynth makes a fine product! The new ones have metal pots! The Make Noise STO made the sacrifice for the new kid. I also swapped out my Make Noise Dynamix for a Line-Amp by Animodule for booting line-level iPad soft synths, and a dual VCA from Pittsburgh Modular which is 2hp smaller than the Dynamix.. A Xynthesizer for iOS sequence brings the piece in. Rainmaker in Tap preset mode with the comb resonator giving an occasional low drone. uPlaits processed through QPAS low-pass filer, Mimeophon, and Clouds in granular mode. Hand modulation of QPAS cutoff, uPlaits Harmonics, and Clouds wet/dry mix. Gates and LFOs from Pamela's New Workout driving Rene, triggering Plonk, cloecking Rainmaker Tsp delay, triggering Clouds Freeze and sweeping uPlaits Timbre. Rene sending quantized CV to Plonk sequence. Wogglebug Smooth out modulating QPAS L Radiate. Maths LFO into uPlaits VCA. Maths Sum out into QPAS FREQ2.Hall reverb from an Eventide Space.

Enjoy, my friends and I hope all is well. Feel free to like and subscribe. Take care, all!

MoreanMan - Sunny Side

YouTuber MoreanMan kind of blew my mind with this jam on his Teenage Engineering PO-33, with a couple of inexpensive Korg effects. Everything you're hearing here is coming from just the PO-33!

Video Description:

Little jam with the toys I brought with me while on vacation

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