Sick James: Tiny Turntable Tutorial

YouTuber Sick James reveals the details behind his awesome Tiny Turntable setup that he used last month.

Video Description:

Had some people requesting more info on this. This will explain everything for you and hopefully you'll try it out. I actually took time to simplify it. In the original video, I also had a computer under the table stripping the audio from the Photon and sending the MIDI from the photon to the Traktor Audio 10 interface.

Big thanks to my homie Collin for the intro animation! Shout out to my grandnephew that's in the thumbnail. I love that little dude!

Gear used (Non Affiliate Links)

Crosley RSD3

Photon Fader

Traktor Audio 10
Try Ebay or another audio interface with 2 stereo inputs.


Record Coasters

miRack Patches to use with the OP-Z

YouTuber MicroWavez TV shows off how he uses the OP-Z as a MIDI controller and audio interface for the iPad. He demonstrates this in the context of controlling patches in miRack.

Video Description:

This video demonstrates how to connect and use two miRack patches with the Teenage Engineering OP-Z. The OP-Z is used as a sound card for the iPad and also as a MIDI sequencer. miRack is used as a virtual modular synth voice with effects that can be controlled and sequenced with the OP-Z.

The two patches used in the video can be downloaded using the following two links:

Building the Beat: Inside Legendary Roland TR-808 Tracks

Roland is celebrating 808 Day and the 40th Anniversary of the TR-808! In this Building the Beat video, producers share interesting insights into some of the most legendary tracks to feature the drum machine.

Video Description:

The legacy of the TR-808’s boom transcends genre—touching on everything from hip-hop and R&B to techno and house. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary drum machine, a group of musical luminaries breaks down their stone-cold 808 classics.

Watch Arthur Baker, A Guy Called Gerald, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jermaine Dupri, the Avila Brothers, Cozmo D, and Carl Craig discuss mainstream hits and underground classics from their discographies.

These eclectic producers and artists provide exclusive glimpses behind the curtain into what made their gems jam. Each one shares studio secrets that make “Planet Rock,” “Voodoo Ray,” “Tell Me If You Still Care,” “Nice & Slow,” “Moist,” “Jam On It” and “From Beyond” so iconic. Along the way, hear about how the 808 and their work influenced each other and culture at large.

Songs in this video were recreated using the TR-808 plug-in available in Roland Cloud. Try the TR-808 plug-in for free during the month of August with your free Roland Account. "In the words of Terry Lewis, “I always say Roland put the boom in music because they gave us an opportunity to use the boom.”

Todd Smith - Fallen Angels & Broken Dreams

YouTuber Todd Smith brings us some groovy Dark Synth goodness in this track sequenced by Gadget.

Video Description:

Patreon :
Bandcamp :
Soundcloud :

This is evolving track which I'm playing around with as a idea for my latest album, A Distant Love for Life which can be found 100% free (pay what you want from bandcamp). Mixing hardware analogue synthesizers with Korg Gadget iOS.

Behringer Model D
Behringer Pro-1
Apple iPad Pro x2
Yamaha MG10XU
Scarlett Focusrite 18i8
iRIG Midi 2

Korg Gadget
Auria Pro
Fab Filter Timeless 2 (Delay)

syncworm - Smiling Jam in E Minor

YouTuber syncworm did another fun jam on his hardware synths with the aid of Fugue Machine.

Video Description:

syncworm proudly presents:

Recipe #079

– Fugue Machine (running on iPad Pro)
– Moog Sirin
– Novation Peak

– RME Babyface Pro

So, what's going on here?

Nothing complicated here. Both Sirin and Peak go straight into the mixer/DAW.

iPad is a master clock in this one and sends MIDI information to both the instruments. In Fuguemachine you can assing a different MIDI chanel to each voice. Here three playheads are set to drive most of the voices on the Peak while a single playhead (different MIDI chanel) drives Moog.

As far as I remember it's e minor pentatonic going in a loop which is nice beacuse most of the notes just go together pretty nicely.

Enjoy this little recipe and

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