Befaco CV Thing: Eurorack meets Model 15

MATRIXSYNTH found this video from Synth DIY Guy, using a CV module to bridge his modular to Model 15.

Video Description:

Let's explore the possibilities afforded by Befaco's cool new CV thing module! I set up a number of euro modulation sources to control parameters on Moog's Model 15 iPad app.

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BG music by Quincas Moreira from the Youtube Audio Library

Stay Noisy!

Behringer Model D, Pro-1 & Neutron w/ Korg Gadget

YouTuber Todd Smith Music did some moody Dark Trap on his Behringer gear with Gadget!

Video Description:

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I little jam of a track I started today which I'll try to evolve further. I'll play with adding drum pattern variation & length, play with some pads and just evolve the sound overall. I like the general starting point.

A later version of this track could end up on my latest album, Humanity Lost. All my music can be found 100% free(pay what you want) on Bandcamp.

Behringer Model D
Behringer Neutron
Behringer Pro-1
Korg Gadget iOS
Apple iPad Pro x2
Yamaha MG10XU
Scarlett Focusrite 18i8

Korg Gadget
Auria Pro
Fab Filter Timeless 2

Fugue Machine Jam: Sirin, Microfreak, SH-01A

syncworm did a fun synth jam on his Moog Sirins, Arturia MicroFreak, and Roland SH-01A with Fugue Machine!

Video Description:

syncworm proudly presents:
Recipe #078


– Fugue Machine (running on iPad Pro)

– Moog Sirin x 2
– Arturia Microfreak
– Roland Boutique SH-01A
– Strymon Volante

– Boss Dimension C
– Teenage Engineering PO-33
– RME Babyface Pro

So, what's going on here?

Both Sirins and SH-01A go straight into the DAW/mixer. Microfreak is treated by Boss Dimension C to widen up the sound a bit. iPad has no audio output this time. Strymon is set up here as an auxiliary send effect

iPad is a master clock in this one and sends MIDI information to all the instruments. In Fuguemachine you can assing a different MIDI chanel to each voice and that's the case here. PO-33 has no clock connection with the others but it keeps the tempo nicely.

There's a basic sequence going on in E Lydian mode. One of the Sirins plays bass part, the other plucky type sound. SH-01A plays an arpeggio-like part and Microfreak takes the lead (and chords).

Enjoy this little recipe and

Teenage Engineering OP-Z - Why I Still Love It

YouTuber Matt Greer did a "Late Impressions" video sharing his continued passion for the Teenage Engineering OP-Z. I like the idea of these impressions videos after you've had the gear for a while. Everyone loves their new shiny thing, but how do you really feel about it in 6 months?

Matt concludes the video with a jam using the iPad app.

Video Description:

I'm still infatuated with the OP-Z. It remains the best writer's block smasher in my studio and a constant source or inspiration.

In this video I share my impressions after having it for over a year as well as a new track composed on it.

KORG Patch of the Week 67: Sine Vibes Drift & Albedo for NTS-1

KORG show off a couple of the "apps" Sine Vibes has released for their NTS-1. Sine Vibes were the developers of the now defunct Sequential for iPad. These NTS-1 apps are priced between iOS apps and desktop apps. Most are $20, but some range as high as $60.

In this video we get to hear a volca FM through Drift panner, and Albedo granular cloud reverb.

Video Description:

Adding and exploring Sinevibe’s granular cloud Reverb and physically-modeled Stereo Panner effects.

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