Modal Argon8 with MPE from iPhone app KB-1

Barry Neilsen played his Argon 8 from the built-in keyboard, as well as with MPE via Numerical Audio's KB-1!

Video Description:

Just messing around with a new feature.

Perplex On: Latenight Glitching With Volca Drum & Poly 2

YouTuber Perplex On got some insane sounds out of his Volca Drum with Poly 2. He's also got a hardware QuantumVJ, from SunVox developer Alexander Zolotov.

Video Description:

Volca Drum being sequenced by Poly2 app in the late evening.

KlaatuNinja: MC-101 - Chilled Electronica

YouTuber KlaatuNinja did a fun track, with just a hint of 80's, on his Roland MC-101!

Video Description:

Little chilled piece on the Roland MC-101

Modular Patch #5: Frenzy Bassline

YouTuber Mo tone is in a frenzy with his Teenage Engineering PO-400 Modular and iPhone. I get where Teenage Engineering are coming from with the name, but I feel like calling anything this large a "Pocket Operator" is stretching it a bit.

Video Description:

Knobtwiddling over a 14-step sequence. Delay and reverb provided by Korg NTS-1. Recorded directly to iPhone via Zoom U-44 using AudioBus 3 and AudioShare. Postprocessing with Kymatica AUFX:PeakQ and AUFX:Push.

Wireless BM-A01 Bluetooth MIDI Adapter: 1-Year Review

YouTuber John Mike shares his thoughts after using the BM-A01 Bluetooth MIDI Adapter for a full year.

Video Description:

Here are my honest thoughts about the BMA01 Bluetooth midi adapter after owning it for a year!

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