TTNM - MicroGranny + Vermona DRM1

Reader The Tuesday Night Machines is producing some fun ChipHop in this jam on a MicroGranny.

Video Description:

Noodeling around with the awesome Bastl Instruments MicroGranny 2 and Vemrona DRM-1 mk3, sequenced by the Arturia Beatstep Pro. Also: OP-1 keyboard action!!! ;-P Subscribe:

Check out my demo videos for the MicroGranny here:

Audio gear used:
- Bastl Instruments MicroGranny 2.5 granular sample wizkid
- Vermona DRM1 mkIII analog drum star
- Teenage Engineering OP-1 digital wonder synth
- Arturia Beatstep Pro slim sequencer with lots of depth




Review: Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade

Jakob Haq did a review and guide to the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade.

Video Description:

Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade is a chord machine that Iv'e grown very fond of. Not only do I love this thing for it's small size and big sound. I also appreciate how Teenage Engineering has implemented the chord function! Here's my review!

PO-28 Robot haQ attaQ REVIEW ►



DJ Galactic - Wisdom

YouTuber DJ Galactic brings us another modern sounding take on DnB with his Electribe Sampler!

Video Description:

Live Jam Session with Korg Electribe Sampler 2 / ESX2 (DJ Galactic). Wisdom (DnB Prototype). Jamming is the way to reach limitless music experience; in a world where everything has to look perfect, jamming is taking risks with mistakes and strength, maybe that's the price to pay to reach one day the wisdom.
Electro Jazz / Nu / DnB / Drum & Bass / Jungle






Official website

Zound Records

Sonic Lab: Linnstrument Review

Gaz Williams did an awesome review of Roger Linn's new Linnstrument controller for Sonic State! This is so cool, especially hooked up to Animoog as Gaz has it here, but a huge ask at $1,500!

Video Description:

Gaz Williams takes a look at the Linnstrument - a dedicated MIDI controller which offers multi-dimensional MIDI expression with 200 RGB lit buttons.

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Korg (Keio) Minipops 7

Alba Ecstasy brings us a wild treat today! Korg has been making little drum machines for quite a while, but I had no idea they were making them in the 60's! Under the name Keio they released this Minipops 7, which sounds way funkier than anything you'd expect from that era. Holy shit, this is so cool!

Video Description:

I just bought a couple of days ago (fantastic bargain!) this piece of history: Korg (Keio) Minipops 7, for my friend Nord (since I already spent my gear money on Bass Station, Kurzweil K2500S and Roland Demora! - so the Minipops remain in familly!). It's sounds amazing, deep, the sweet flavor of vintage gear and I almost feel that I'm in Jarre's studio, back in the 70s! Audio is not compressed, it is the raw sound of the Minipops 7.
Enjoy! And if you have the opportunity to buy one, DO NOT HESITATE!


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