New OP-Z Videopaks by Tony Grisey

Red Means Recording shows off a new videopak for the OP-Z app's video synthesizer. The pack is available for $13 on Gumroad, with a 30% discount if you use coupon code "crystalsun" at checkout.

Video Description:

Introducing 6 new cool videopaks for the OP-Z by Tony Grisey.
They hit me up on Discord and hooked me up with the packs. I really liked them so I made a video showing them off, with a musical performance for each.
Get the pack here:
Use the code "crystalsun" at checkout for 30% off.
Follow (intsa): @tony_greesee
Check out the streaming festival I'll be doing a set for:
My previous video on OP-Z videopaks:
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Everlast - What It's Like (Loop Cover with ACPAD)

Scott Uhl cover's What It's Like in this impressive demo of the ACPAD MIDI controller with his iPad.

Video Description:

"What It's Like" originally by Everlast. Loop cover by Scott Uhl with an ACPAD, Babicz Spider Acoustic Guitar, and TC Helicon Voicelive 3.


◆ BABICZ - "SPIDER" ACOUSTIC ◆ Acoustic Guitar

◆ ACPAD - MIDI CONTROLLER ◆ "That Blue Thing on the guitar" Discontinued, you can find it on sites like eBay sometimes

Belibat - Techno Live Performance

Reader Belibat did a great techno live set on all of his hardware, with Animoog in the mix.

Video Description:

Hey folks, happy Easter!

This is a full Techno Performance recorded live from this Synth Stream event:

Here are some infos about the setup and how this performance was created.

The Roland TR-8s plays drums, with patterns created for this performance.
The Arturia Minibrute is used for basses, playing sequences from its own sequencer, note triggered from its keyboard. Filter cutoff is mapped on a Nanokey Studio midi controller knob, to keep it at hand.
The Minilogue XD is for pads, arps and chords, and it also plays sequences from its own sequencer. Filter cutoff is mapped to an expression pedal, so it can be tweaked hands free
I used the Waldorf Rocket to play some square wave leads, with notes triggered from Ableton Push 2.
The ipad runs Moog Animoog app, with an evolving pad patch. It takes midi notes directly from the Minilogue XD sequencer, doubling it, while its volume is controlled by another expression pedal.
The only virtual instrument is an Ableton Simpler device with some vocal sample chops in it, played from Push 2 pads.

The main brain is Ableton Live. I used it as a master clock, to record audio and to apply effects on every track. I use mostly Ableton Live stock effects + Soundtoys and Native Instruments plugins. Push 2 gives a great hand to keep Ableton features at hand while performing.

About the structure.
The performance starts with some noise and delay effects before bringing in Bass and Kick. A Rocket lead phrase anticipates a broken beat drum pattern.
Then some synth chords from the Minilogue XD get in, playing along bass and drums, using dynamics and filters to underline some passages, while Animoog app is always used to create buildups.
The second phase opens up with an arpeggiated synth patch from Minilogue XD, which brings in a four on the floor kick pattern.
Again, the Rocket and the Minibrute play together a bass and lead phrase.
Minilogue XD changes to a dreamy pad to anticipate a very well known bassline, played here as a tribute.
Then everything fades to migrate to a groovier beat, anticipated and accompanied by some rhythmic vocal chops + bass and pads.
To fade again and return to the four on the floor beat, this time leaded by some moody Minilogue XD chords, reminding of 90s Berlin Techno.
Finally, all the instruments mutate into a wild Acid Techno groove, where the Minibrute shines as a protagonist, playing the acid bassline, before every sound gets mutated into chaotic noises and delayed repetitions to go back where it all started.

Hope you enjoy. Happy Easter and stay safe!

FROZEN LONESOME: Transfixed by Now

Reader Steve Raizen is transfixed by current events with his Novation Peak recorded into his iPad.

Video Description:

Hear more Frozen Lonesome music, please visit
Transfixed by Now is a reflection on current times.

All sounds Novation Peak. Recorded in AUM. Arranged in Auria Pro with various FX and finished in AudioMastering. Video created in LumaFusion for iPad.

Chill Hardware Synth Jam with Fugue Machine

YouTuber Chris Landon did a beautifully chilled jam on his Digitakt, Moog Sirin, and Boog Model D.

Video Description:

The Fugue Machine is a really unique sequencer for the iPad. It is very basic and really straightforward and simple to use. With some tinkering, you can create some really fun sequences with it!

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