Novation // Circuit 1.4

Novation have released a demo to show off a new firmware update for their Novation Circuit.

Video Description:

Tim Harbour takes you through the new features and content available in the new 1.4 Circuit Components update.

First up we’ve given you a bundle of new content from Team Novation
Be sure to explore these patches and sessions. Curated from our team across the world, and all new sample content ready for you to play with.

Find out more information about your Circuit and new features here:

Blocs Wave Jam | Export to Ableton

YouTuber Taetro posted an excellent video showing off how he used Blocs Wave's new Ableton Live Export to setup this jam! This is quite well produced!

Video Description:

New update for Blocs Wave includes Export to Ableton!
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Gear Used:
Novation Launchpad
Launchcontrol XL
Ableton Push
iRig Mic Pre




A list of Export Enabled iOS apps can be found here:

Rheyne - Live Jam #156

Rheyne has so much hardware that he now requires multiple camera angles to show us his live looping!

Video Description:

Live looping with analog and digital musical instruments. Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or samples.


Live Jams on BandCamp:

Review: Korg Monologue Analog Synthesizer

Sweetwater posted this review of a prototype for Korg's newest hardware synthesizer, the Korg Monologue. At $300 this new mono synth is positioned directly against Arturia's popular MicroBrute

Video Description:

Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater’s mad synthesist, gets some hands-on time with an early prototype of the Korg Monologue Monophonic Analog Synthesizer. The synth is running on battery power and the audio out is going directly to the video camera’s audio input with no added effects.

Real-time performances of Monologue Programs start at 14:53

Get the Korg Monologue here:

KORG Volca & Novation Circuit: Deep Session 3 with Modstep

YouTuber 014london70 brings us a Deep House session from his Korg Volcas and a Novation Circuit. Modstep is also featured here as a sequencer for iSEM and Poison-202!

Video Description:

Modstep as master clock and sequencing a couple of sounds from iSem and Poison 202 synths along with the volcas and circuit playing their own patterns.

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