KORG Volca & Novation Circuit - Acid Breaks Session 1

YouTuber 014london70 did a fun acid jam on a trio of Korg Volcas with a Novation Circuit.

Video Description:

Seventh video in my live series, this time with a change of style. Recorded into iPad via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

Korg Volca Beats, Bass & Keys

YouTuber 3rdStoreyChemist did a nice, deep, techno set on his trio of Korg Volcas.

Video Description:

Demonstration of the Volca Beats, Keys & Bass synced together.

Recorded with a Signature 12MTK, no further processing except for reverb and normalisation.

AA Battery - Shiny Desk Session 02

YouTuber AA Battery has a nice little mobile music setup! He's got a tiny piano module I've never seen before called a miditech Pianobox mini. It sounds pretty good in this jam!

Video Description:

Some late night downtempo Chords from the Keystep Sequencer sent to the Pianobox mini, (which is able to play all 128 General MIDI sounds (Piano, Strings, Choir, Synths, Helicopter). I love it! :D)
Keystep sends sync to the Volca Beats and KPmini2 puts effects on the pianobox. Me trying to act as if I can play the piano.

Korg Volca & Novation Circuit - Deep Tech House Session 2

YouTuber 014london70 posted this excellent Deep Tech House jam using 3 Korg Volcas and a Novation Circuit, with everything mastered in Final Touch.

Video Description:

Fourth in my Video Series.
Recorded into iPad via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

4 Things I Hate About the Electribe E2 (Late Night Tips)

YouTuber HalutioN has been featured here quite a lot with his Electribe 2, but he has some gripes. Here he tells us the four things he hates about the device.

Video Description:

Although the new Electribe E2 is a pretty cool machine, it has 4 annoying limitations that we'll explore in this video.

Elektron Octatrack + Elektron Monomachine + Moog Slim Phatty + Korg MS-20 Mini + Nord Drum + iPad Samplr + Electribe 2 + Ensoniq MR76 + Korg Volca Keys + iConnectMidi4+ + TC Electronic Dittox4 + Line 6 M9 + Line 6 M5 + iPad Samplr
Additional samples from Yamaha MK-100.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/halution/
Bandcamp: https://halution.bandcamp.com
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