Chris Landon - NDLR Jam #5

YouTuber Chris Landon is back with more NDLR sequencing on his gear and AudioKit Synth One!

Video Description:

I finally added my Digitakt into my NDLR setup for some percussion. Enjoy!

haQ attaQ: New PO-32 Sounds and Patterns | RAW n EDGY

Jakob Haq has released a new set of sounds and patterns that can be used on the PO-32, PO-35 and PO-137.

Video Description:

My latest Raw n Edgy Drum kit for PO-32 Tonic comes from my personal library of sounds. These are sounds that I use for my own music productions. As usual, this video includes a sound and pattern demo, plus a data transfer signal that you can use to update your PO32 (and PO35, info below).


Elektron Model:Cycles

Elektron has unveiled a new model in their Model range of goofy-ass-Fisher-Price-looking synths. The Cycles is a 6 track FM groovebox, capable of providing both drums and synths in a single package for just $300!

A bunch of reviews arrived for it yesterday. Embedded here is the review from Red Means Recording; partly because I like the intro tune, but mostly to promote the Homosexual Agenda because that's sadly still a thing.

Video Description:

A walkthrough and demo of the Elektron Model:Cycles, a digital percussion and synthesizer groove machine.
Jams with no talking are here:
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Amazon Music:

Korg Volca Keys Ambient Jam with FAC Alteza

Reader Martin Neuhold made his Volca Keys sound like one of those massive Moog modular rigs with the aid of FAC Alteza. He has got a phenomenal sound going on here, and it is all starting from the tiny Volca!

Video Description:

#ios #facalteza #ambient #volca #korg #improvised

Roland Alpha Juno 1 with iPad Programmer iPG-800

The guys from Take the Fear out the Gear bring us another excellent example of how the iPG-800 can bring new life to old Roland synths. The Roland Alpha Juno 1 can be picked up for a relatively low price on eBay, because no one wants to program on the fucking thing. With iPG-800, you don't have to!

Video Description:

Welcome back to the show here we are connecting a Roland Alpha Juno 1 to the Ipad programmer IPG800 making it easy to edit sounds/patches and create new ones. We are using a line 6 midi mobilizer II as the midi interface.

iPG-800 is a MIDI Controller iPad app emulating the functionality of the PG-800, PG-300, PG-200 and PG-1000 Synthesizer Programmers that were built by Roland.

It only works with a Roland JX-8P, MKS-70, JX-10 (with Colin Fraser OS or Fred Vecoven OS), Alpha Juno 1+2, MKS-50, HS-80, JX-3P with Organix or Kiwitechnics OS and D-50/D-550.

Many thanks for watching and hope you find the video helpful for programming your old Roland synthesizers

Love and Peace Chumley and Bangers. Please subscibe and tap the bell thanks

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