VolcaNiced - Slowmotion

VolcaNiced managed to connect all of his hardware synths together with a Retrokits RK006 hooked up to AUM. The results are quite nice! He's getting a surprisingly rich synth sound out of all of those tiny Volca synths.

Video Description:

Today was a great day. I finally did what I wanted to do so long ago, I was able to connect all my devices together so that they were all synced and responding to MIDI. Thanks again to Grit from Retrokits. Without you and the RK006 that would not have been possible.

To celebrate the day I wanted to do something big, but unfortunately I didn't have much time left, so you get a little jam from me, but it does a lot more than you might think at first.

The sync here comes from the Ipad, namely from AUM, which is configured for the RK006 and brings all devices and all apps to the same speed. I am so glad that it finally works and it runs so smoothly.

Ultimately, we have a simple bass line and a rhythm from the Volca drum that you can vary with the KaossDJ. The accompaniment comes from the MicroFreak with JP strings. A bit of reverb from Specular Reverb v3

The setup
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca drum
Korg KaossDJ
Arturia MicroFreak
Specular Reverb v3

Thank you all for your support and look forward to what will come in the near future. I have planned a few things that will surely be surprising for one or the other.

Chris Lody - Sorry Not Sorry

Chris Lody failed to make a gentle ambient piece, and instead brings us a richly textured Industrial drone with his Volca Modular and Bass. I think he's got the same problem as me. I'm a happy guy. I'm not even a little depressed. But my muse is fucking dark. Every time I try to make a happy song, it goes straight to Hell.

Video Description:

Yet again a failed attempt to make some 'nice' ambient music, failed by quite a large margin this time and ended up following my mood into some industrial noise drone music.

Mostly since I got the Volca Modular i've been using it to make 'music', you know, with chords and melodies, things like that. So I thought I'd be nice to try something a bit more fixed. Well this is where I ended up. Using a different radio as a noise source for the Modular this time I patched something fairly randomly just trying to find something I like the sound of, which is a tactic that seems to work fine on the modular.

The Volca Bass is playing 3 octaves of the same note (I think, not 100% sure) through the Monotron delay which is being held on by a lump of blue tack and a D cell battery. Zoom 1201 reverb again. That's about it.

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KORG Bluetooth MIDI Controller – Update Tutorial

Manufacturer KORG has released a firmware update for the nanoKEY Studio, nanoKONTROL Studio, and microKEY Air that enables them to be used as a Bluetooth MIDI controller in iOS. Which is surprising to me, because I assumed they could already do that. Perhaps iOS 13 broke this? Here's how you update the devices.

Video Description:

Here’s how to update your Korg Bluetooth MIDI controller, such as a nanoKEY Studio, nanoKONTROL Studio, or microKEY Air, to be compatible with the latest iOS update for Bluetooth.
To start your Korg controller in UPDATE MODE.

nanoKEY Studio: Set the mode switch to “USB”, press and hold the [Octave -] and [Sustain] buttons while connecting the controller to the computer’s USB port.
nanoKONTROL Studio: Set the mode switch to “USB”, press and hold the [Mute 8] and [Select 8] buttons while connecting the controller to the computer’s USB port.
microKEY Air 25/37/49/61: Set the mode switch to “USB”, press and hold the [Octave Down] button and keyboard’s leftmost key while connect the controller to the computer’s USB port.

System Updater Downloads

nanoKEY Studio - https://www.korg.com/us/support/downl...
nanoKONTROL Studio - https://www.korg.com/us/support/downl...
microKEY Air 25 System Updater - https://www.korg.com/us/support/downl...
microKEY Air 37/49/61 System Updater - https://www.korg.com/us/support/downl...

iOS13 Support for KORG Product (Corrected Issue with BLE-MIDI Connections for Controller Products ) News Bulletin


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YMNK - International Space Olympics

BLEASS developer YMNK created a very Vangelish theme song for the International Space Olympics!

Video Description:


Ranzee: Volca FM Firmware 1.09 Unofficial

YouTuber Ranzee shows off an unofficial Volca FM firmware that adds support for live editing of parameters via MIDI SysEx. In this example he's using the desktop version of Dexed. I don't have a Volca FM to test this out, but from looking at the features of the iOS version I believe it would also work.

Video Description:

There's a new unofficial firmware update from Paten via Reddit - it's for the Volca FM and version 1.09! Let's check out the new features:

- Sending Sysex from DEXED using it as a front end to sound design
- Fixes for the program change feature

Download link is on my website:


Credit goes to the firmware author: Paten via reddit:

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