YMNK - International Space Olympics

BLEASS developer YMNK created a very Vangelish theme song for the International Space Olympics!

Video Description:


Ranzee: Volca FM Firmware 1.09 Unofficial

YouTuber Ranzee shows off an unofficial Volca FM firmware that adds support for live editing of parameters via MIDI SysEx. In this example he's using the desktop version of Dexed. I don't have a Volca FM to test this out, but from looking at the features of the iOS version I believe it would also work.

Video Description:

There's a new unofficial firmware update from Paten via Reddit - it's for the Volca FM and version 1.09! Let's check out the new features:

- Sending Sysex from DEXED using it as a front end to sound design
- Fixes for the program change feature

Download link is on my website:


Credit goes to the firmware author: Paten via reddit:

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Belibat: Electroacoustic/Organic Ambient Live Jam

Reader Belibat did another wild jam on hardware with Samplr. This is a live looping jam, so it starts off slow. Stick with it until the synth parts come in and you will be rewarded for your patience!

Video Description:

Ok, this jam will take a couple minutes to take off, just because i recorded everything live so.. stick with it until the beat comes at least, and meanwhile enjoy all the tasty organic sounds and textures.

As usual i’m using the TR-8s for drums. This time i played the bass with the Minilogue XD. First time i use it for basses but hey.. it sounds huge! Lot of options including frequency modulation and waveshaping for an ever evolving bassline.
The Waldorf Rocket gets midi notes from the Minilogue XD itself and is used to underline buildups.
The Minibrute plays some chirps, made using the noise lfo to modulate the self oscillating filter.

In the very beginning you can hear the Spacecraft iPad app granulizing two homemade samples: a recording of my dishwasher and a bunch of woodblock hits i recorded years ago.

As you can see i played some toys too :)
A toy xylophone, gift from my mother, which i pitched down two octaves.
A singing bell, repitched and reversed.
A triangle, also pitched up after recording.
All these sounds are passed through a cool plugin called Chiavika, by Stocaudio.
It is used to emulate the granular effects achieved by the early electronic music experimenters using tape machines.

Then i used a cassette for a crunchy clap and a tinbox hit with the xylophone stick as an offbeat percussion. Both are recorded with a contact microphone passed through an iRig Pro interface and then in the Bias Amp app on my old iPhone for crunchier sounds.

The 2 expression pedals, connected to an iRig Blueboard, are used to control the Minilogue XD and the Rocket filter cutoff plus the Chiavika wet/dry knob and some spatial effect, for transitions.

Ableton Live is used as a master clock, as a midi sequencer and for effects.
All audio tracks are passed through an Mbox Pro 3 soundcard or using usb audio, and then recorded in Ableton.

Effects are mostly Ableton stock plus Soundtoys and Native Instruments plugins.

Video is a continuous take from two cameras (an iPhone and an iPad). I put together the two videos with the audio track in Ableton and then saturated the color in iMovie.

Tiny RobotZ - Out of Trance

YouTuber Tiny RobotZ is completely Out of Trance with his shiny new Behringer TD-3, TR-09, and Volca Bass.

Video Description:

Goa Trance with
Behringer TD-3
Korg Volca Bass
Roland Boutique TR-09
Korg Mini KP2s
Behringer Echo Machine
Xenyx 1002USB

Chris Lody - DS-303 Acid

Chris Lody did a fun little acid tune on his little instruments! I like the DS-303 created with KORG DS-10, which is joined by a KORG Volca Sample, Volca Keys, and PO-14 Sub.

Video Description:

For today's song-a-day I once again turned to acid (:D) but with a bit of a twist. Playing the part of a tb-303 in this video is Korg Ds10 running on a Nintendo Ds. Who knew Ds10 could make such a convincing 303 sound? Helped along by a dose of Zoom 1201 reverb it sounds the part to me! The Volca Keys plays a long 8 bar pad-ish sound using it's 'Fifth' setting, the Volca Sample is loaded up with 808 and 909 samples and the Pocket Operator Sub plays a deep bass line alongside everything. Reckon this one could do with being made into something longer, and turn those dam claps down!

Sync is running from the Ds to the Volcas and then to the Pocket Operator btw. It's the only way I can get it all to sync up. I'm also using the Sample as I 2 channel device with the kick panned left and all the other drums right so they can have reverb and not the kick.

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