Alle Jahre Wieder - Christmas Carol (All Korg Volcas)

YouTuber AA Battery did an all Volca take on classic German Christmas carol Alle Jahre Wieder!

Video Description:

The melody for this old German christmas carol was on my Volca Keys for several years when I experimented with recording MIDI. It uses Flux mode and 1/4 tempo.

The samples for sleight and church bells are from

Passive mixer is RK 003 from

LED screen visualizer is Quantum VJ from:

Mixon 4 iPad Mashup

YouTuber Jaime Thompson posted this awesome performance on a Reloop Mixon-4 connected to his iPad!

Video Description:

Using a Reloop Mixon-4 to perform a 5 song mashup on an iPad!

Goons - GTA

TKO - Bassnectar, Rye Rye, Zion I

Killa (feat. Elliphant) - Slushii Remix - Wiwek, Skrillex, Elliphant, Slushii

Upper (feat. Karra) - EXSSV, Karra

Alone (Slushii Remix) - Marshmello, Slushii

Fuji - Live with 2 Joué MIDI Controllers

Earlier this month we saw the launch of theJoué MIDI Controller campaign on Kickstarter. That campaign has had some decent interest, but appears to have stalled a bit at 84% with 25 days to go. To help drum up some more interest they posted this engaging Duo demonstration of their hardware in action!

Video Description:

Live at the iBoat in Bordeaux, France - December, 20th 2016
Arnaud and Pascal introduced Joué during a mini show at the iBoat.
Original soundtrack: Fuji
Back us on Kickstarter:

discophone_: Fractures

Reader Discophone_ posted an excellent jam on his Elektron Octatrack with one of the classic Electribes.

Video Description:

Hi folks, It's time to do something different this time. Here is little "Orchestral Downtempo" jam with Octatrack and Electribe.
I hope you like it and show it to me by clicking thumbs up. :-)
Gear used
Octatrack as a master with custom samples made with various devices. The scene slider is used as an old tape effect for the pianosample with pitch movement.
Korg Electribe for drum duties.
Zoom H4n for recording
And little mastering with Ableton live
Whole song arranged with Octatrack

Sonic LAB: Korg nano Studio Bluetooth/USB Controllers

Gaz Williams stopped by the Sonic LAB to review the Korg nanoKontrol Studio and nanoKEY Studio controllers!

Video Description:

Gaz Williams takes a look at the nw Korg nanoKontrol Studio and the nanoKEY Studio wireless Bluetooth MIDI controllers.

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