Sonic Lab: Linnstrument Review

Gaz Williams did an awesome review of Roger Linn's new Linnstrument controller for Sonic State! This is so cool, especially hooked up to Animoog as Gaz has it here, but a huge ask at $1,500!

Video Description:

Gaz Williams takes a look at the Linnstrument - a dedicated MIDI controller which offers multi-dimensional MIDI expression with 200 RGB lit buttons.

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Korg (Keio) Minipops 7

Alba Ecstasy brings us a wild treat today! Korg has been making little drum machines for quite a while, but I had no idea they were making them in the 60's! Under the name Keio they released this Minipops 7, which sounds way funkier than anything you'd expect from that era. Holy shit, this is so cool!

Video Description:

I just bought a couple of days ago (fantastic bargain!) this piece of history: Korg (Keio) Minipops 7, for my friend Nord (since I already spent my gear money on Bass Station, Kurzweil K2500S and Roland Demora! - so the Minipops remain in familly!). It's sounds amazing, deep, the sweet flavor of vintage gear and I almost feel that I'm in Jarre's studio, back in the 70s! Audio is not compressed, it is the raw sound of the Minipops 7.
Enjoy! And if you have the opportunity to buy one, DO NOT HESITATE!


Metroid - Kraid's Lair (Analog Synth remake)

Luminist posted this incredible remake of the original Metroid soundtrack using an MS-20 Mini. It is both haunting and beautiful. I loved the reverb on this. I asked him about some of the effects used, and he mentioned Valhalla Vintage Verb.

Video Description:

I wanted to find out what the original NES Metroid soundtrack would be like if it was remade with REAL synths, 80s style.

All sounds were generated with a Korg MS20 Mini, then processed with some juicy studio effects to make things more atmospheric.

I also filmed myself playing the Kraid's Lair area of the game (y'know, because authenticity?). Died a lot of times. Sooooo many times. Excuse my terrible playing and just enjoy the music ok!

~I might do some more of these if people like it.. hint hint~

Original composition by Hirokazu Tanaka - any credit goes to him for writing such an immersive soundtrack in the first place!!

Sonic Detours - Detour #7

Reader Sonic Detours sent in this beautiful composition on a variety of Korg gear; including Volcas, and Minilogue. He's included a nice, well detailed, write up of his setup in the video description.

Video Description:

I got lucky the other day and bypassed the waiting list for a Korg Minilogue at my local music shop. I have been wanting one of these since they came out and I was not disappointed... this is a fantastic synth!

Here's my first performance with my new silver beast. Be sure to listen with head phones or external speakers... the bass is pretty deep and I can't hear it on my MacBook internal speakers at all.

As usual, everything was sequenced and mixed in Ableton Live, using plenty of compressors, reverbs and delays. Apart from the drums, all parts were made with the hardware synths you see in the video and the stereo master was recorded in real time on my iPhone 6, along with the video. No multi tracking of post processing - everything was played "live".

Gear used:

- Korg Minilogue
- Roland Boutique JU-06
- Korg Volca Bass
- Art Tube Preamp
- Korg Volca Keys
- Arturia MicroBrute
- Ableton Live
- Push 2
- Novation LaunchControl

The main chord progression in this performance is the first 4 bars of the "Liquid Pad" preset on the Minilogue. I came across this pattern while flicking through the presents and I just had to do something with it.

The bass is delivered by the MicroBrute... just a simple square/sine wave patch with pulse width modulation and the filter cutoff way down.

I'm playing the JU-06 live on the Minilogue keyboard (local MIDI control is off). I really enjoy playing a real keyboard after being stuck with the Push 2 pads for a while... man I hate being locked into a key and scale when I play! I've been a bit worried about the size of the keys on the Minilogue, but they worked out great - no problem at all.

The Volca Keys plays the high pitched lead that is introduced in the first breakdown, and the Volca Bass is responsible for the 303 style pattern in the last part of the performance. I use a small Art Tube Preamp on the Volca Bass to create some warm, fuzzy distortion (not in the shot).

I use two drum racks in Ableton Live for the drums - one with TR 808 samples and one based on the lesser known but super cool Boss D55 drum machine (I just love that rim shot). I'm not using the Volca Beats for this performance at all.

The hardware synths were sequenced in Ableton Live and the patterns arranged in scenes, allowing me to "perform" the arrangement in real time. I mapped the buttons on the LaunchControl to mutes on individual drum voices, so they could easily be switched in and out during the performance.

Aviators - Melody | Launchpad Pro Cover

YouTuber Player X posted this interesting Launchpad light show, with lots of links to share the project setup.

Video Description:

Hey guys,
after a long time my 2nd Launchpad Project is finished and as always it has 3 versions for all Launchpads too.

Enjoy it! ;)

Project File:
Tutorial: work in progress...
Tutorial for the Front Light: work in progress...
Bome's MIDI Translator Classic:

Original Song:
2nd Version:

Intro Song: Miza & Arc North - Dark Space/Dark Sky

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