c3n loops & Roland TB-03. First acid test!

YouTuber DubMasterFish got a shiny new Roland TB-03, which he sync'd here to his iPad for an Acid Jam.

Video Description:

First test syncing up the Roland TB-03 with the c3n loops app on the iPad.

Really promising even with an old sluggish iPad. Got to get a midi interface for the new one!

The Synthetic Insects Panel - DIY Synth

YouTuber Eccentric Sound Lab lives up to his name with his "Synthetic Insects" DIY synth.

Video Description:

This video demonstrates a little of what can be done with the 2nd panel of the home-made synth to the left. Many of the sounds produced from it sound like robotic insects so it was called "The Synthetic Insects Panel." The synth to the right utilizes MIDI control of the iPad effects program called "Turnado" by Sugar Bytes.

Halloween 2016 Montage

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have such fond memories of Halloween growing up. From the time I was taken to my first haunted house, to later in my teens while I was coked out of my goddamn mind telling improv ghost stories. Good times.

I want to make sure I give a little bit of that back to my neighbors' kids. The haunted house part, not the coke. My husband and I combined our talents to make a modest little spooky spot that had the kids screaming all night long; using some DIY jumping spiders that were triggered by proximity. Here are some of the highlights.

Video Description:

My husband took up electrical engineering last year, so this year we scared the shit out of our neighbors' kids. Here's a montage of the best reactions. This was the best Halloween EVER!

Novation // Circuit 1.4

Novation have released a demo to show off a new firmware update for their Novation Circuit.

Video Description:

Tim Harbour takes you through the new features and content available in the new 1.4 Circuit Components update.

First up we’ve given you a bundle of new content from Team Novation
Be sure to explore these patches and sessions. Curated from our team across the world, and all new sample content ready for you to play with.

Find out more information about your Circuit and new features here: https://www.novationmusic.com/circuit...

Blocs Wave Jam | Export to Ableton

YouTuber Taetro posted an excellent video showing off how he used Blocs Wave's new Ableton Live Export to setup this jam! This is quite well produced!

Video Description:

New update for Blocs Wave includes Export to Ableton!
For more music, live sessions and tutorials, Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1MREZn4

Gear Used:
Novation Launchpad
Launchcontrol XL
Ableton Push
iRig Mic Pre


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taetro/
Tumblr: http://taetro.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taetromusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicktetrault


A list of Export Enabled iOS apps can be found here:

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