SQ1 & MIDI Scale Quantizing

YouTuber Morgan Karlsson hooked up his Korg SQ1 to his iPad. He then makes it much more musically useful by quantizing the notes to a scale using Jesper Nordin's ScaleGen.

Video Description:

Korg SQ1 quantized using scalegen for ipad. Midi interface Lexicon omega.

K-Board Pro 4 Kickstarter

Keith McMillen Instruments has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest instrument, K-Board Pro 4. This 4 octave Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression(MPE) keyboard provides data from the X, Y, and Z axis of each of the individual keys. It is also class compliant, as with other KMI controllers, making it iOS compatible.

Before you get too excited, the K-Board Pro 4 will not ship for almost a full year! The expected release date is September 2017! If you have $400 to blow on an instrument you won't see for a year then you can get in on the early bird special. After those early bird slots are picked up the price goes up to $600.

Video Description:

Kickstarter Video for K-Board Pro 4, the Smart Fabric Keyboard from Keith McMillen Instruments. Check out the Kickstarter page for more info.

Novation Circuit & Lemur Melody Player

YouTuber loopop has released a free Lemur template that lets you play melodies on a Novation Circuit. He's even gone through the trouble of creating dedicated templates for both iPhone and iPad screens.

Video Description:

This Lemur template will let you play melodies with samples on the Novation Circuit. You can use the iPhone or iPad screen to play melodies, and if you have an external MIDI keyboard you can hook that up as well.

Besides playing live, you can also record yourself - check out the video for more details. Enjoy!

Here's the iPhone template:


and here's a template for the iPad:


Radiophonic Workshop Dr. Who Theme

House of Angels posted a high quality encoding of this Radiophonic Workshop exploring the synthesis behind the Dr. Who Theme. The original ARP Odyssey is front and center in this tune, which we now have available in app form. Now we need a Yamaha CS-80 app!

Video Description:

Radiophonic Workshop Dr. Who Theme - Yamaha CS-80, ARP Odyssey , Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

KlaatuNinja - Liquid 2 Step

YouTuber KlaatuNinja continues to crank out some impressive jams using only an Electribe.

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