Serato Dj Ableton Link - Figure On iPad - Perfect Sync

Fernando Midi did an awesome Ableton Link enabled DJ set, with Serato sync'd to Ableton and Figure.

Video Description:

In testing Serato Dj and Ableton Live Link. Sync is perfect and does not take away the freedom to use the Turntables however you want.

Used equipment:

2 X Vestax PDX 3000 Mk2 - Turntables
Pioneer DJM - S9 - Mixer
Native Instruments Maschine Jam with Control Script for Ableton. (Perfect!! )
A Macbook Air 11" corei5 1.6Ghz, 4 Giga of RAM 1600 MHz, SSD 128GB.

Novation Circuit, Volca Bass & iPad Jam

YouTuber Plekyn Records did an awesome jam on his Novation Circuit, with a Volca Bass, and Launchkey.

Video Description:

Electronic Music Live Jam. I use simply set up. Novation Circuit sequencer send note to Launchkey app by USB Midi, Korg Volca like Lead Synth, other sound from Circuit.
Marcin Kamiński Music
Plekyn Records 2016

Reloop Mixon 4 Controller Review & Talkthrough

Digital DJ Tips posted a review for the Reloop Mixon 4 DJ controller, which is just about the coolest $800 iPad Pro stand available. The device is also usable as a Serato controller.

Video Description:

The Mixon 4 for Algoriddim's djay 2 and Serato DJ is a four-channel pro software controller that works particularly well with the Apple iPad Pro.

Full review:
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Peter Sandbach - Lies (Eurorack / Novation Circuit Jam)

YouTuber Peter Sandbach did a fun glitchy track with a Novation Circuit, small Eurorack, and Demora Module.

Video Description:

Bit of a front room disco with a trimmed down Eurorack setup and my Novation Circuit.

Rough patch notes:

Circuit midi clock, CV and Gate into Doepfer A190-4. CV to Brain Seed which samples and then CV out to 1v/Oct of Braids and Akemie's Taiko. Braids out to Disting delay.

Clocks messed with courtesy of Little Nerd to feed brain Seed, Akemie, Chronos and Doepfer ADSR. Lots of modulation multed with StackCables and fed to everything.

Circuit out to scooper in sampled and messed with using my custom 'crossfader patch'. The output 2 from scooper is a random cv from its lfo.

Recorded straight into iPad via an iRig guitar input cable.

Volca Double Jam

YouTuber DUNDERBAS is getting some amazing results out of his Volca Keys and Volca Bass on this one!

Video Description:

Volca Keys and Volca Bass
Reverb added in GarageBand
Recorded on a FCA202
Filmed on a trusty old iPhone 5

Welcome to my channel. Quickly set up this to do my first video. I thought I'd start a little easy. ;)
I intend to add more layers as I progress, but you can get a long way with just two devices and a little reverb for a start. I thought about rigging up a messy multi-MIDI/Ableton-sequenced/12-channel input setup, but don't worry. We'll get there eventually.
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