KlaatuNinja - Liquid 2 Step

YouTuber KlaatuNinja continues to crank out some impressive jams using only an Electribe.

TB-03 & c3n loops Dub Session

DubMasterFish shows off his new TB-03 with c3n loops. Last week he was rocking this combo in an Acid Test, and today he's doing Dub.

Video Description:

A short jam with the Roland TB-03 a Nord Micro modular and c3n loops on the iPad.

Need to dig out some effects for the next session, might have some fun with the other iPad as a controller of some sort as well.

Nanoloop Mono

YouTuber James Chip did a preview of Nanoloop Mono, for OG mobile musicians that have a Gameboy handy. This new version of Nanoloop sports a true analog synth built right into the cartridge! Pre-orders are available now for €69, and will ship December 3rd.

Video Description:

Nanoloop mono is an analogue synth for the nintendo gameboy. This video is just a short view of what it is. Once i have had it a bit longer i will upload some better quality jams with it, but this should give you an idea of what sounds it can make.

Nanoloop is available from http://www.nanoloop.com

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Strisoboard and iPad

Matthew Tyas, seen here previously for his awesome rooftop busking on an Axoloti, brings us another unique instrument performance. In this video he's connected a beta Strisoboard MPE controller to his iPad. The Strisoboard must be his own creation, because his videos are the only results in a Google search for it.

Video Description:

practicing playing the strisoboard MPE controller, using Thumbjam on an iPad

Synth Jam: Novation Circuit

Marcus Padrini, from MusicApps.Com.br, posted this fun jam on his Novation Circuit.

Video Description:

First jam with the Novation Circuit. Simple and a lot of fun.

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