Pre-recorded Cassettes' Last Stand

Techmoan brings us another "whoa, I had no idea that was going on" Music Technology History lesson. While cassette sales slumped in the early 90s, publishers started trying to make them actually sound good for a change. They succeeded, but not before we all bought CD players and completely missed their new tech!

Video Description:

In the 1990s cassette sales were falling just as their quality was improving. This video takes a look at some of the techniques used (including DIGalog) to make pre-recorded tapes sound better, with the hope of slowing their demise.

07:46 - "July 1992" (not July 2002)
07:55 - "August 1992" (not August 2002)

A cassette Loader In action:

Recording onto tape using pulses sent to the record head:
(CORRECTION: This video was one linked to in a discussion on this subject (which I don't really understand)..but it apparently shows something different - nothing to do with PCM pulses sorry)

US Recorded Music Sales Graph:

Discussion of DIGalog on

The clear tapes with red hubs came from
(But they've sold out of this colour now)

Duplication machine images from HDT duplicators
HDT are the largest manufacturer of audio cassette tapes in Europe.

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Special thanks to Jerobeam Fenderson for the end graphic.

AA Battery - 1-hour Live Set (January 2017)

YouTuber AA Battery did an awesome live set at AKK in Karlsruhe, Germany. That is one crowded table of gear, but the tracks in this set are just using the Electribe 2, Novation Circuit, and a Pocket Operator.

Video Description:

This is the live set that I played at a live electronics event at AKK in Karlsruhe Germany on January 21st 2017. It is not without errors especially in the beginning tracks, but please stay for the last track!

Farewell Song

Reader taskent99 is saying farewell to his collection of mini music making gadgets, before he redirects his efforts and funds into his record business. Tasku Records will release Finnish rock music.

Video Description:

Taskent99's Youtube channel, 9-year-birthday! 20,000 page views!
Now is the time to say goodbye for this set-up and start a new musical exploration ...
Thank you to all the viewers around the world. Hasta la vista, my friends!

NAMM2017: Roland GO:MIXER

Sweetwater posted this demo of Roland's new GO:MIXER, which starts off with a fun cover of KT Tunstall's Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.

Video Description:

Mitch Gallagher stops by the Roland booth at Winter NAMM 2017 to check out the GO:MIXER. After the video, see Sweetwater's complete coverage of the Winter NAMM 2017 trade show here:

VØSNE - Hypnotic Session

YouTuber VØSNE did an half-hour long Hypnotic Session on a whole bunch of hardware with touchAble!

Video Description:

Hypnotic & deep techno session played live & recorded reel to reel, using revox b77, roland space echo re-201, sequential dsi prophet 6, tempest, prophet 12, vermona perfourmer mkII, moog subphatty, elektron octatrack, strymon bigsky & timeline, acidlab bassline 3, livid cntrl-r, ableton live for samples & recorded analog sequences.
All the all synth on the stand are going thru the mackie mixer. All the synth are midi slaves and sequenced by the Octatrack. To fade in or out a synth, i use the cutoff filter mostly and when the sound is almost vanished, i shut down the sequenced midi channel on the Octatrack. On the Mackie mixer are coming external auxilliar fx like Space echo, Time line & Bigsky. Each channel/synth can get the proper amount of fx i want at anytime. Also i root 3 output channels from the Tempest to the Mackie : 1 stereo & 1 mono. I can use the send fx on those channels (usually stereo is for tempest synth and mono for rythm elements) That's all for the Mackie ! the stereo output is going to the soundcard Input channel. The Tempest is midi sync by usb from the computer/ableton's clock as well as the Octatrack. I use Tempest & Octatrack midi thru to sync bassline 3, volca keys & timeline. For this jam i use rythm sounds (clap, snare, hhat, tom, white noise, rimshot, etc..) & polysynth from the Tempest. All the kickdrums are Tempest analog homemade, most of them played straight from it, one is recorded and played from the Octatrack audio sequencer. As i said, 3 channels of the Tempest are root to the mackie, the 3 other mono are going straight to the soundcard. Same for the Octatrack audio & the Bassline 3. Concerning Ableton, i control the mix, the send fx & mute with livid cntrl-r. I play samples, loops and recorded sequences which i launch with an ipad & TouchAble app.

Listen to this session on Soundcloud

I hope you will enjoy this one too !

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