Infinity Stairs - Alternative Facts

Reader Infinity Stairs has made me rethink my self-imposed ban on posting overtly political stuff on the site, with his creative use of the "Alternative Facts" clip. I especially loved Anderson Cooper's reaction. I really don't want to make politics a regular thing here, but I expect we're going to see a lot more politically inspired songs.

Video Description:

Facts are total losers. They are a total disaster, they've gotta go. We have a plan and its going to be huuuuuuge. Tremendous. We are going to replace facts with something terrific. Like truth, but with fewer words like twitter.

Jack Tekno Pirate - Corpse

YouTuber Jack Tekno Pirate rocked out some intense Breakcore on his Korg Electribe 2 with Korg Gadget!

Video Description:

Live Hardcore - Breakcore à l'Electribe 2 Sampler et Korg Gadget sur iPad
Bonne écoute !
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SugoiGaijin - EPISODE 9

Reader SugoiGaijin did an awesome Jazzy-synth thing with Garageband running into his Mother 32!

Video Description:

(Best in HD, headphones recommended)
Exploring the endless possibilities of the Mother 32, I hope you guys like this song!

Gear: Moog Mother 32, Garageband for Ipad, Arturia Keystep & Digital Delay DD7.
And just a little post-mastering with Logic Pro X.
Videorecorded with a Olympus OM-D, E-M5.

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Hellcore - Waiting for Dinner

Hellcore is hungry for the souls of the unbaptized, and feeling an agro beat on his gear with Elastic Drums.

014london70 - Session 5

014london70 posted an excellent Deep House jam session on his Circuit and Craft Synth, with Modstep!

Video Description:

Deep Session 5 Recorded to Audioshare on iPhone via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

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