OP-1 Song, Grain Bastard MD, OP 1, Samplr, AUFX Dub

YouTuber OP-1 Song did a grimy performance on his OP-1, with a Machine Drum and iPad for effects.

Video Description:

OP-1 Song, Grain Bastard MD, OP 1, Samplr, AUFX Dub
Just the OP-1 for drums & Samplr for drones and bass thru the cool AUFX:Space effect via Audiobus.
Bit rough and ready as usual :)
More sounds at soundcloud.com/punisha
Thanks for watching.

House Classics Session 1 - Lil Louis French Kiss

YouTuber 014london70 is doing some Classic House with his arsenal of affordable hardware; including Korg Volcas, Novation Circuit, and a new Modal Craft Synth that he's sequencing from Modstep!

Video Description:

Basic twist on a House Classic using KORG Volca Keys, Sample, Bass, Novation Circuit and Modal Craft Synth that was sequenced by Modstep.
Recorded into iPad via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

Let's Seqz #2 - KORG Monologue & Mini KAOSS PAD 2

Tom from Synth Anatomy is having a lot of fun on his Korg Monologue with a Mini KAOSS PAD 2.

Video Description:

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► The Monologue Synthesizer is the latest monophonic analog Synthesizer by KORG. Here is a sequence demo with a simple delay from the KORG Kaos Pad Mini.

Digital Audio Tape - The one DAT got away

Techmoan brings us another fascinating Music Technology history lesson, in this look back at DAT!

Video Description:

A look at DAT - tape that sounded better than CD and was supposed to replace cassettes...however the recording industry decided it had to die.

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No DAW Live Electro Jam (with Captions)

Tony Horgan did an all hardware jam on a trio of Korg Volcas with a TR-8, and a shiny new microKORG S.

Video Description:

A totally live, no DAW hardware session in an 80s electro style, with Korg Volca Kick, Volca FM , Volca Sample, Roland TR-8 and MicroKORG S. If you are on iOS or Mac, try my Korg Volca Expert Guides for free! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/to...

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