Kalkartronic - Taxi to NYC

YouTuber Kalkartronic did an awesome gritty electro performance on his Volca Keys and Waldorf Rocket with Boom 808... while watching Taxi Driver.

Video Description:

Live Jam #17 by Kalkartronic "Taxi to NYC", Feb.11, 2017
Korg Volca Keys / Arturia Beatstep / Waldorf Rocket / Kaossilator / Teenage Engineering PO-12 / Boom 808 App on IPad
Set-Up: Beatstep via MIDI to IPad Boom 808 and MIDI in to Kenton Thru-5. From there MIDI out to Waldorf Rocket and Volca Keys.Volca Keys. Volca Keys sync out to PO-12 sync in.
Recorded with Edirol R-1.
Mixer: Phonic MU1202X
Flmed with Ricoh WG-M1.
Background video on screen: "Taxi Driver"


Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Looping cover by Adam Tobit)

Adam Tobit has got an amazing voice ringing out in this lively live looping performance of Thinking Out Loud.

Video Description:

This is my first video of a loop cover song!!!!
I'm quite happy with how this turned out considering I recorded it using GarageBand on my iPad
Filmed using a GoPro and edited the video on IMovie on my iPad!!!

I use a Boss RC-300 loop station in this cover of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

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beardyman - live from the lab. . .

The always inventive mad scientist beardyman put on a great show in his lab!

Video Description:

i'm making all this up as i go along. . . so . . . yeah. . . . also Trump is the antichrist. . .

Portable Synth Jam

Peter Sandbach did a glitchy EDM performance on his portable Eurorack, with Make Noise 0-Coast, and Circuit.

Video Description:

Messing about with a portable setup. Not sure why the mirror...

Recorded direct into iPad. No overdubs or edits (obviously!)

SevenSoulsSevenSeas - Broken Waves

Itai Bauman did an eerie track on a variety of gear with FieldScaper and Fugue Machine! The volume is a bit quiet on this, so I recommend you raise it to hear some of the dynamics.

Video Description:

Ambient Island Live Jam. A little ambient jam with mobile studio setup, some instruments travelling with me to this beautiful island holiday :)

Gear used:
Korg Electribe 2
Novation Circuit
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Bastle MicroGranny 2 (with my vocal and glockenspiel samples)
iPad apps - Fugue Machine, iGrand Piano, DFX, Buddha Machine
iPhone app - FieldScaper (with my vocal samples)
TC Electronics HOF Reverb
Joyo micro delay and reverb
Zoom U-24 Audio interface
GoPro Hero 5

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