1 TONIC A DAY #7 (PO-32 Tonic + iPhone Jam)

YouTuber Perplex On has been doing a series of videos using the Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic. In this video he's jamming on the Pocket Operator with Poly on his iPhone, and a QuantumVJ.

Video Description:

I couldn't help to bring in some ambient stuff today! PO-32 + Poly App + QuantumVJ for glitchy visuals. Enjoy!

Raspberry Pi Looper Guts

Back in April we saw the Raspberry Pi Looper Thing, from reader Otem Rellik. A lot of people expressed an interest in the project, so here he takes us inside the guts of the beast!

Video Description:

Thought I'd do a quick overview of the guts of my pi project. Seems like many folks have been interested in seeing what the internals look like.

Maria Calfa-DePaul - Beyond The Rain

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul posted another video combining the worlds of digital and analog, using a Zenko Tongue Drum and NA Flute, with a Yamaha Reface DX and an iPad running Looperverse!

Video Description:

It's been the rainiest Spring that I can remember. That poses a problem as I like to play music outside. It was pretty cold a few days ago too but I needed the air!! I used my porch which is covered by the roof and I improvised using my Zenko Tongue Drum as well as my Yamaha Reface Synth and Native American Flute by High Spirits. I used the ios app Looperverse to record the drum using a condenser microphone and the Apogee Jam audio interface with the lightening adapter into the iPad. The audio is coming out of the speakers of the Reface and the rest is acoustic and the loop goes from the iPad into my Roland Mobile Cube. I used an inexpensive condenser mic by Movo and a iphone on a selfie stick holder my 91 year old dad made me precariously sitting on my flower box...
Thanks for watching!

Loop | Chagall Live Performance with mi.mu Gloves

Ableton shared this performance by Chagall, using Imogen Heap's mi.mu MIDI gloves. These gloves are so fucking expensive that you can basically only rent them. This is a seriously cool way to perform though, so I thought it was worth sharing!

Video Description:

Chagall is a London-based electronic music producer, songwriter and vocalist. She is currently one of around 20 musicians worldwide using the mi.mu gloves for composition and live performances. In her performative demonstration at Loop 2016, she controls all the electronic layers and vocal effects with the gloves as well as interacting, through motion, with specially created live visuals.

Keep up with Chagall on Facebook:

Join us at Loop 2017:

Sound of Izrael - 4 Monsters Jam

YouTuber Sam Izrael posted this live jam with "4 Monster synths" including a Korg Minilogue, Nord Lead 2x, with iOS apps Animoog and Troublemaker on his iPad.

Video Description:

sound of izrael presenting A live jam with 4 Monsters synths...
Korg minilogue
nordlead 2x
Animoog (ipad air 2)
Troublemaker(ipad air 2)
drums played by Sinebeats and Patterning (ipad air 2)
also included:audiobus 3

this is a 132 bpm session...enjoy!

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