discophone_: Fractures

Reader Discophone_ posted an excellent jam on his Elektron Octatrack with one of the classic Electribes.

Video Description:

Hi folks, It's time to do something different this time. Here is little "Orchestral Downtempo" jam with Octatrack and Electribe.
I hope you like it and show it to me by clicking thumbs up. :-)
Gear used
Octatrack as a master with custom samples made with various devices. The scene slider is used as an old tape effect for the pianosample with pitch movement.
Korg Electribe for drum duties.
Zoom H4n for recording
And little mastering with Ableton live
Whole song arranged with Octatrack

Sonic LAB: Korg nano Studio Bluetooth/USB Controllers

Gaz Williams stopped by the Sonic LAB to review the Korg nanoKontrol Studio and nanoKEY Studio controllers!

Video Description:

Gaz Williams takes a look at the nw Korg nanoKontrol Studio and the nanoKEY Studio wireless Bluetooth MIDI controllers.

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My Michel: mon synthé modulaire (Cardboard Modular Synth)

YouTuber AXL OTL shares Michel, his elaborately designed cardboard modular synth with some amazing features. I sincerely hope app developers take note and bring some of these novel concepts into the world of apps. I especially love the Love module! The video is in French, but English subtitles are available!

Video Description:

Let me introduce you my synth: Michel!

If you want a real low-cost modular synth, Ants! is on Kickstarter now for around €500. This actually looks like a pretty compelling package; with 4 oscillators it beats out the Moog Mother 32 for sound sources, but the filter seems limiting. This one has nearly reached its funding goal, so they should ship in April 2017! Thanks to reader Martin for the heads-up on this one.

haQ attaQ - OP-1 PO SYNC Split Signal │ Tutorial

Jakob Haq did a tutorial using the latest OP-1 firmware update, which includes Pocket Operator Sync. In this video he demonstrates splitting the sync signal to multiple devices, including a Volca Bass.

Video Description:

Teenage Engineering recently released their long awaited OS update for OP-1 and it packs a lot of oomph! One of the new features in this firmware upgrade is the addition of PO SYNC. That's right, the OP-1 can now sync directly to Pocket Operators and other gear that utilizes click-track type syncing signals! In this video I am demonstrating how to split up the sync signal for syncing with multiple devices.

Hardware used in this video: Teenage Engineering OP-1, Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm, KORG Volca bass, Retrokits RK-003 passive mixer.

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TEENAGE ENGINEERING OP-1 ► https://www.teenageengineering.com/pr...
POCKET OPERATOR RHYTHM ► https://teenage.engineering/products/po
RETROKITS RK-003 ► https://www.retrokits.com/rk003/
KORG VOLCA BASS ► http://www.korg.com/us/products/dj/vo...

RetroTech: Play Vinyl like a CD - Sharp RP-117

YouTuber Tech Moan brings us a very unique look at some vintage music hardware. If you want the retro vibe of vinyl, and the convenience of a CD player, you need to find yourself Sharp's RP-117 from 1983! He did just that. The first half of the video is of him repairing it, which is in and of itself fascinating. If you just want to see it in action then skip ahead to 8:58.

Video Description:

The most technologically advanced record players were made over 30 years ago. The example demonstrated here, the Sharp RP-117 from 1983, let you navigate records using features you would expect to find on a CD player.

The demonstration part starts at 08:58

Old HiFi Catalogues http://www.audiopower.ru/content/lib/...

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