Tekno Pirate - CHL1

YouTuber Tekno Pirate did a downtempo "chill" jam that is quite sonically rich!

Video Description:

Live Chill avec Novation Circuit, Electribe 2 Sampler et Samplr sur iPad
Bonne écoute !
free download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzD...

Lien SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacktekno

Peter Chers - Live jam 003

YouTuber Peter Chers is doing a Novation groovebox duet on a hardware Circuit with the new Groovebox app.

Video Description:

Gear list: Moog Mother 32, Dreadbox Erebus, Novation Circuit, AKAI APC MINI MIDI, Ipad Air 2, Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, JBL LSR305, Novation groovebox, GliderVerb, AUM

Adam Banaszek - ░▒░ W̴͑@¥ t̵̮̏̊͑̇̈́̚͠ơ̶ ╠╣e̸̛̋̀͂́̌̕͝͝╚╚ ░▒░

YouTuber Adam Banaszek is testing the limits of extended ASCII characters in fonts, while watching anime.
He's also producing some interesting sounds on his Novation Circuit, Volca Keys, and PO-32.

Video Description:

I was playing with Gundam Wing opening visuals and decided to add some noise to it. I hope you like it!

discophone_ : Farewell My Friend Remix

Reader Discophone_ shared this piece with a whole bunch of gear, and his signature bowed cigarbox guitar.

Video Description:

Hi folks here is another remix one of my tracks. This time it is spiced with BoBeats samplepacks Sonic Treats vol. 1 and 2. I used mostly one shot drumsamples from his super sounding packs.

Gear used on this jam.
Zoom H4n


Iphone6 plus with Alchemy synth
Tanglewood Ukulele thru Ipad with AUFX space and Dub
Bowed Cigarboxguitar thru Zoom ms70cdr and TcElectonics Hall of fame

All played at single take and mastered in ableton.

Have a pleasant journey.

Link to Bo's sampplepack:

Lorde - Liability & Liability Reprise Cover

Taetro was joined by Raaaaaaaaaaaachel in this beautiful cover of Liability and Liability Reprise off of Lorde's new Melodrama album.

Video Description:

Covering Lorde's Liability & Liability Reprise w/ my friend Kid Noble
For more music, live sessions and tutorials, Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1MREZn4

All the performance shots you see are the takes you hear (aside from drone footage). Though we performed our parts separately, each of our parts were recorded live.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taetro/
Tumblr: http://taetro.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taetromusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicktaetro

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