Tomas Kim - Live Jam #20

YouTuber Tomas Kim got a very spacey vibe out of his collection of Korg Volcas with an Electribe.

Lemure Template Upgrades Electribe to 3 Layer Osc/LFO/FX

YouTuber loopop created a Lemur tempalate that lets you play three Electribe parts simultaneously for true polyphony. He does this by looping the MIDI back at the Korg device. This is similar to the recent Volca MIDI Effects apps, once again wrangling Korg's weirdness down to something extra useful!

The Lemur template is available as a "Pay What You Want" on Sellfy. Here is a demo of it in action!

Video Description:

Hello! Here is a Lemur App that will let you play three Electribe 2 parts simultaneously.

The app is offered on a "pay what you wish" basis - future versions of this app are fueled by coffee and that doesn't come cheap (actually it does, and so does this app...)

Thank for your interest!

Beatless electronica with 3 Volca FM, Kick and Keys

Tony Horgan posted this excellent performance on a trio of Korg Volcas. The patch on the Volca FM is available for free from Audiobombs.

Video Description:

Korg Volca Kick plays the bassline, Volca FM plays the chords and a Volca Keys plays some melodies. The FM pad is from a Sysex file called "CTW Warm Pads" available from Audiobombs

Musicmesse 2017: BIAS Modulation Pedal

Positive Grid have announced yet another hardware pedal! Their BIAS Distortion must have been a hit, because they're back with BIAS Modulation. As with Distortion, this is a hardware extension to their Pedal app. With the app you can design time and filter-based effects (Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, Rotary, Phaser), as well as amplitude modulations (Tremolo, Pan, RingMod and Autoswell) for use in new device.

Update: Bob pointed out in the comments that they have also announced a similar BIAS Delay pedal.

The Modulation pedal is expected to arrive in this quarter, for $350.

Video Description:

The World's First Cross Platform Modulation Pedal. Learn more:

BIAS Modulation Pedal lets you quickly and easily design thousands of custom modulation pedals from scratch, and it's seamlessly integrated with BIAS Pedal Modulation for mobile and desktop. Plus, you can share and download thousands of modulation pedals on ToneCloud. BIAS Modulation Pedal will soon be available in stores worldwide for $349

Sequencing Hardware Synths with iPad & Modstep

YouTuber Rezzonator, featured here previously for his Acid House jam, did a video to show off how he controls his vast arsenal of synths with Modstep! This is super-shaky cam, but informative and entertaining.

Video Description:

In this video I give a general overview of the Modstep iPad app that allows you to sequence all your external hardware from an iPad. I also go through how all my gear is connected together via midi.

Check out other videos in this series via this playlist -

Modstep website -

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