Haik - Ambient #32

YouTuber Haik makes some beautiful sounds with Bloom, and his MicroFreak running into a SLÖ Multi Texture Reverb pedal. He's even got a Critter & Guitari Organelle in the mix.

Video Description:

Arturia MicroFreak
Critter & Guitari Organelle
Walrus Audio SLÖ Multi Texture Reverb
Bloom (iOS)








Shazam TheMagickMan - Serendipity

YouTuber Shazam TheMagickMan gets high and does a DAWless jam with his vast array of gear. The Launchpad Pro is being used as a controller for his iPad running Animoog and GeoShred.

Video Description:

Doing my obsession which is the DJ Dawless Improv Jam Again with my Novation Circuits ,Novation MonoSynth, Novation Launchpad Pro hooked up to iPad Mini running Moog Animoog app+GeoSherd App, Korg Electribe2, Korg WaveDrum Global, Roland HPD-20 Hand Sonic, Roland RC 505 Looper, Roland SP404A Sampler, Arturia MicroFreak, Pioneer RMX-1000 . Love doing Dawless no Computer Jamming . Everything hooked up MIDI using Quadra midi through box.

BEHRINGER K-2 Synthesizer

Manufacturer BEHRINGER has released a $330 KORG MS-20 clone with modern improvements! Holy shit, this thing looks amazing! It is shipping out now to retailers and should be going out to customers in 1-2 weeks. They're accepting pre-orders at Sweet Water and Thomann.

Video Description:

The K-2 Analog and Semi-Modular Synthesizer with Dual VCOs, Ring Modulator, External Signal Processor, 16-Voice Poly Chain and Eurorack Format. More info at behringer.com

Gary P Hayes - Volca Ginger Beer

YouTuber Gary P Hayes has got his VOLCA modular, keys, and bass nicely lined up for this synthy set!

Video Description:

Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes
in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia
on Korg Volca Modular Volca Keys Volca Bass
& Digitech RP50 & Strymon Blue Sky effects pedals
(no other processing)

KORG Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Kit Shipping in November

Correction: This article initially stated that the NTS-1 was shipping now. I was greatly mistaken!

KORG has announced a release date and price for the Nu:Tekt NTS-1! They will begin shipping in November for $100. This is a digital synth that you build yourself... kind of. I mean, you don't have to solder anything. You're basically just putting the already assembled parts together.

The real DIY to be found on NTS-1 is in the powerful synth and multi-effects engine. You can actually reprogram the thing! This has the same engine as the KORG prologue, and KORG minilogue xd. If you're ready to get down and nerdy with code, you can use the same logue SDK to reprogram the NTS-1!

YouTuber loopop did an extremely well produced review of the NTS-1!

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