Electronisounds: Using 5-pin MIDI with iPads and iPhones

While most new gear is using USB MIDI, there is a whole world of classic hardware that relies on a 5-pin MIDI connection. Dean from Electronisounds covers all of the ways you can connect to the old format in iOS.

Video Description:

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"Using 5pin MIDI with iPads and iPhones"
Showing how to connect 5pin MIDI to yout iPad or iPhone using the IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2.

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Radiohead - The Bends (Cover by Joe Edelmann)

YouTuber Joe Edelmann is doing some amazing covers! His latest is an authentic take on The Bends. There's no relevant excuse for me to feature this here, but he's got less than 800 subscribers and I do not want this performance to go unseen. He's obviously put so much effort into this, but it has less than 400 views.

Video Description:

Where do we go from here?

For covers, originals, and other content, be sure to subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/edeljr315/
And check out Burne Holiday's channel (with more original songs) here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaGF...

Todd Smith: Behringer Neutron & Model D - One Month Review

Todd Smith has had the new Behringer synths for a month now, and is prepared to share his thoughts. Both the Neutron and Model D offer a lot of value at a low price. Hell, there are VSTs that are more expensive than these analog synths. We've got several Moog Model D apps already, so I'm mostly tempted by that Neutron.

Video Description:

I've had the Behringer Model D and Neutron for a month now and wanted to clump them together in a fast review speaking about my experience with these Behringer analog synthesizers.

I wanted to touch base on the differences in these machines, may people have asked which one they should get if they could only afford one synthesizer. I try to give my opinion and hope it helps you on your electronic music journey.

You'll see MANY videos in the future featuring the Behringer Neutron & Model D so keep a ear out.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 - Performance DJ Mix

Pioneer must have sent out their new DDJ-200 to every single DJ channel on YouTube. Out of all the videos I've seen so far, I'm most impressed by this performance by Crossfader. It starts off a bit slow, and weird, but it gets into some nice future house; with excellent technique throughout. DDJ-200 is shipping at the end of May.

Video Description:

We put the brand new Pioneer DDJ 200 to the test in this fast paced future house DJ mix on the Pioneer DJ WeGo app for iOS.

Learn how to DJ online with Crossfader: https://wearecrossfader.co.uk/online-...

Todd Smith - Analog Madness

Todd Smith continues to come up with some great grooves using this Dual Behringer and Dual iPad setup!

Video Description:

I'm still learning and exploring my 2 new Behringer synthesizers, Model D & Neutron. This time I mixed up the roles and used the Neutron for the low end synthesizer line and Model D handled the lead synth sequence.

Korg Gadget 2 is the sequencer and drum machine.

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