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Sonic LAB: Make Noise Strega Review

Make Noise is such an interesting company to me. Founder Tony Rolando was able to take everything he learned from his tenure at Moog to create his own company and vision. That vision turned out to be pure madness, but it's the fun kind! One of the many fun devices to come out of Tony's company has been the wildly popular 0-COAST.

Nick Batt from Sonic State takes a look at Make Noise's latest creation, Strega. This semi-modular semi-complex desktop synth is packed full of the fun kind of weird. It is so much fun to see Nick explore this thing and all of its silly labels! Those weird fucking lines all over the place are real labels providing real information about the signal path!

At $600 it is a bit beyond the price of gear I tend to feature here, but this is a very special device. In addition to Tony Rolando's fantastical styling, Nine Inch Nails contributor Alessandro Cortini collaborated on this one, to pack his weird with Tony's weird into Tony's fantastical styling. As a fan of both men, I'm elated and this is my first bout of G.A.S. in a long time! According to this interview with Tony Rolando, Alessandro was instrumental in getting Tony into modular in the first place!

Video Description:

A new instrument born from a collaboration between Alessandro Cortini and Make Noise.
With an unusual concept and architecture - semi-complex oscillator, analogue delay with a filter and a function generator. It sounds quite simple, and is, but it also sounds pretty interesting, capable of some lovely atmospheric textures and dirty, imperfect sounds with degraded feedback.
Available now priced at 529UK, $599

00:00 Introduction and overview
02:54 Oscillator
05:21 Activation (VCA)
06:29 Delay and filter
11:32 Patch demo
14:53 Function generator
17:15 Touch Plates
22:05 Conclusion

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