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Jam in the Park

Matrix Mirage was joined by his friend Lon for an hour long performance in the park. Their experimental style combines synths with ambient guitar in a surprisingly enjoyable way. I especially liked this combination in the jam that starts around 20:00. I'm frankly surprised a Karen didn't call in the cops to report a bomb threat.

Video Description:

Lon and I filmed our first completely battery powered jam session in the park recently. Here is the video of the performance. We used a Bluetti usb battery pack that has a 110 outlet for recharging laptops. It performs very well and actually had quite a bit of power left after we finished. I used Blocs Wave and Korg Gadget on my Ipad for backing tracks tracks that I sampled from my Moog Werkstatt, along with the rest of my Volcas and Bastle Kastle. Lon played his guitar through a Line 6 Pocket Pod and a delay pedal. We filmed everything on a Gopro Hero 7.

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Reader Comments 3

Very nice! I like to do ambient street music by myself or with different partners. The idea is to make a soundtrack for the people passing by, different from the look at me type of busking which I have done quite a bit of as well. Unfortunately these activities have been curtailed recently.

For those who wish to do on site mobile jams, Jackery is having a three day 15% off sale on all their power stations and solar panels.

November 16, 2020  | favorite_border Laarz
Thank you very much for linking to our video and for the kind words! I appreciate it and the great work you are doing on your website as well.
November 17, 2020  | person_outline Matrix Mirage
On November 17, 2020 - @Matrix Mirage said:
Thank you very much for linking to our video and for the kind words! I appreciate it and the great work you are doing on your website as well.

Happy to feature you! I didn't realize you knew about the site! That's awesome.

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