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Behringer FLOW 8 Digital Audio Mixer: First Look

YouTuber DcSoundOp got their hands on a new mixer from Behringer. The $300 FLOW 8 mixer has a lot of impressive features; including Bluetooth control from a mobile device. Personally, pre-amps are the second least likely thing I'd trust Behringer with, but this is an impressive feature set for the price.

Video Description:

We've got the freshly announced Behringer Flow 8 Bluetooth controlled digital mixer in for a very early first look this week. This one is an eight channel mixer and interface that is controlled almost entirely by it's accompanying FLOW APP. A new approach to desktop mixers for sure, and powered by micro-USB, a great option for mobile users on the go. Podcasts, vlogs or performers on the go, this one is packed full of features to get the job done.

Leave any questions you have here on the video & I'll do my best to get you answers. Thanks for watching - see the full post at https://www.dcsoundop.com/behringer-flow-8-exclusive-early-first-look/

Support the channel and get your name in the credits here: https://www.patreon.com/dcsoundop
Find most of the gear from the video at https://www.amazon.com/shop/dcsoundop - As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Reader Comments 4

Because of Behringer's attempts to intimidate those who make some valid criticisms of them, I ask that you do not post videos of Behringer's products.
Thank you,

November 11, 2020  | favorite_border aufde
@aufde: I definitely wish that I could. Attacking any member of the press should be game over for any future press coverage. But there are a lot of people who do benefit from the availability of their products. It would be a punishment to those readers if I did not continue to cover new relevant technology from the company.

I'm very happy to discover that the new search algorithm is working perfectly. A search for Behringer on the site has the most relevant result at the top.

Tim, how did you feel about Midas preamps before they were purchased by Behringer? I’m not sure if this product uses Midas preamps but I know a fair amount of music tribe products use those preamps.
November 12, 2020  | person SodaMountain
I think as long as the stink of their behavior (threatening people, insulting people, making shitty products, and issuing condescending non-apologies) follows them with every post, you can keep reporting on them.

They suck.

Full disclosure, I have a BCR2000. It's a good piece of gear at an affordable price. I bought the extended 3rd party warranty. That's how much faith. I bought a cable tester once. It was defective. Glad I didn't throw out any cables. Couldn't get the retailer to replace it.
November 12, 2020  | favorite_border stub

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