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ROLI LUMI Keys: 4 Month Update Review

ROLI has finished shipping the LUMI keys to Kickstarter backers, and is now accepting pre-orders for new batches. Brandon Rico Simpson got an early unit from the Kickstarter batch and has had some issues. His problems, and ROLI's lack of communication, sound very familiar to me. One reader emailed me over the course of months as she dealt with poor manufacturing and support from ROLI for their original Seaboard.

Video Description:

After a very long wait, I finally got my LUMI keys Smart Keyboard in the mail. After using it for 4 months here are my thoughts. Hopefully I’ve answered some questions. Let me know what you would like to see more of with Roli LUMI keyboard content.


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Reader Comments 2

One way to put it: Let’s just say some of us weren’t surprised that there wasn’t any ROLI representation at yesterday’s Synthesthesia. Artiphon was there, though they’ve been getting some heat about delays and such, lately. Their sessions were relatively informative about both Orba and Instrument 1. ROLI could have had a lot to say about its existing line.

It’s just that… ROLI has been going through a rough spot. Though some people (including BrandonRico) like the LUMI in concept, it was already quite a deviation from Roland Lamb’s original ideas. The much-hyped LUMI announcement felt like the company admitting they were letting us down, in the MPE trenches. Thankfully, other manufacturers and devs have picked up the torch. Because ROLI, since then, has been divesting of some of its “assets”. Selling JUCE to PACE (i.e. iLok) didn’t feel like a very strong move.

It’s really great that BrandonRico can PSA this. People need to know. The disappointment from people who just preordered the LUMI at full price is likely to cause ripples in unsuspected spaces.
It's hard to put one's finger on it, but there are a number of more or less subliminal hints about companies' attitudes towards their products and customers, that you can feel from their emails or lack of them, their adverts etc. - almost a smell or flavour. I suppose we could all cite companies that are at both good and bad extremes, but Roli... it just feels that they are more interested in money than music. Like a 4 or a 3 along a scale where 0 means out and out nasty ripoff merchants and 10 would be rather saintly. And SO many kickstarter people seem utterly affronted that one might criticise huge delays or high prices, when they've put SO much work into it. 'Arrogant' is one word that comes to mind.

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