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Roland TR-6S vs TR-8S vs MC-101

Roland just released a couple of new drum machines with confusingly similar names! There's the TR-06 which faithfully recreates a TR-606, and can join it in the trash bin of music tech history. Then there is the much more interesting TR-6S; which includes all of the sound design found on the TR-8S, in a smaller $400 package!

loopop compares the TR-6S to the TR-8S, and the distinction it makes from the similarly-sized MC-101!

Video Description:

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Overview
2:15 TR-6S vs TR-8S
2:25 IO & power
3:05 Controls
3:15 Track knobs
4:45 Other controls
6:25 Variations
7:10 Mixer view
7:25 Sequencing
10:05 Tone banks
12:25 Kit params
13:30 Mutes
14:05 Inst params
15:05 Samples
15:25 TR-6S vs MC101
19:35 Tips & tricks
19:50 Pros & cons
21:10 TR-8S teaser

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Reader Comments 6

really? you then webb should be joining that great drum machine in the trash heap because your history knowledge of drum machines and related musics is sub par diarrhoea. the modding capabilities of this (analog version) machine are superb. Rolands last analog device was the mks70/jx10p. all they do is re release all their gear as digital repacks. Check out burnkit2600’s 606 and you’ll be jamming your opinion down your third eye. if the 606 really is so shit how come clones of it have been made up to this point in time? by various companies all around the world? even behringer is on the bandwagon with the td6?

just a few ‘trash bin’ tracks that were very popular using the 606;

BikeAutechre • Incunabula. ...
AutricheAutechre • Incunabula. ...
AliceSisters of Mercy • Some Girls Wander By Mistake. ...
CloserNine Inch Nails • Closer To God. ...
On Your OwnBlur • Blur: The Best Of. ...
You Said You Want MeThe Other People Place • ...
Lifestyles Of The CasualThe Other People Place •
October 01, 2020  | person circuitbender

I just dislike the sounds it produces. I don't have any interest in clones of something I don't like.

Their new digital stuff is really worth a try. It is mostly just rehashes, and their recent aesthetic designs are questionable, but they sound fantastic. I like my collection of analog gear, but if you can make a better sound in digital that is more versatile, why not?

My Roland TB-3 (not to be confused with the TB-03) is an ugly, shameful, thing. I keep it hidden under my desk on a keyboard tray that removes it entirely from view. It only comes out of its sequestration when I want to use it. And frankly I want to use it a lot more than the TT-303 (which itself sounds better than a TB-303), because the TB-3 is more versatile and sounds fantastic! The way Roland opened it up in the backend with MIDI control is amazing. There's even an app for that!
once avalon released their bassline there was no reason to pursue rolands virtual analogue repackaged versions of the 303. their take on the TB expands its capabilities adding a sub (you can even can change filter types) and the way it applies the envelope modulation, swing, and tracking.. absolute fucking cream! mind you it also costs double of the current roland 303’s but still half what you’d pay for an original 303 hahaha! that is if you can still find one these days...
in the late 90’s roland officially licensed rights to propellerheads (rb338) and i thought that perhaps once that license ran out they would have re released rb338 versions of their xox series with distortion, compressor, and PCF onboard (ive never owned a roland 303, though i have modded 2 turning them into devil fish units. back then i filled my need for that with novation basstation reiterations, imo the first clones of the 303 with midi, still got a ks5) but no, it takes them almost 20 years to add stock midi to a repack! don’t get me wrong, i love roland and have at one time owned the full MKS series (including the mks100 sampler using the obsolete q-disks (the drive for the disks (used in word processor typewriters at that time) was belt driven, by a rubber band!) and i can guarantee the jx3p/mks30, jx10p/mks70, junos/mks50, jupiters/mks80 do not faithfully reproduce in their boutiques. so, if your fine using crayons to do pencil drawings by all means continue on, one can still make a beautiful pictures and/or convey ideas with crayons.. no question, any digital repack is worth getting, especially if you want that sound as opposed to scouring the original unit. all of my 80’s rackmount synths have had to be repaired and modded, their OS chips replaced alongside other mods to make those new IC’s work to fix their midi issues, most of the parameters were only addressable using sysex (system exclusive, something that isn’t really around today anymore we all use midi cc these days) or to address patch memory, or even replacement lcd screens, the later mks lcds look like those on speak and spells, they not made anymore. so owning a relic of the past isn’t really what it’s cracked up to be either. i just wish that if people remake something, please make it better, much much better than the original. so tim, get yourself an avalon or even an erica synths bassline for that matter and these will never be hidden away like your roland. they’ll always be on top of your desk...
October 02, 2020  | person circuitbender
agreed with the annoying naming convention... however the new tr06 is significantly different than the 606 - it has 5 trigger outs! that alone is worth the price of admission for someone who uses analog gear (for fucks sake why doesnt it have individual voice outs though...) it also has built in fx, and a lot of interesting sequencing updates including probabilistic % steps and other features to keep the sequences evolving. i am SICK of repackages and clones, but at least whatever team developed the tr06 went above and beyond while still retaining the flavor.
October 03, 2020  | person_outline profitV
tim doesn’t like the sound of the original 606, so any reiteration thereof can go into the ‘trash bin’. I’m tots with you profitV, and really like its sound, but I don’t want VA digital versions with a stereo pair out, HTF you gonna eq that into perfection? rather get analogue versions that can modded as opposed to digital machines which can usually only be glitched. so...basically as said they repeat history and release a VA version of their 606 with only a stereo pair out 30 years on.... behringer clone is already looking better; analog, individual outs, cloned distortion effect, midi in/out, USB midi and probably bendable. providing it’s a accurate clone, one could pull FM noise out of it too... and don’t get me started with the rainbow sprite look and control spacing of those Roland vices for miniature hands!
October 03, 2020  | person circuitbender

documented mods for the behringer td6, basically the same available on the original 606

decay and tuning per voice
snappiness for snare, tom, hats
gutsier hats and cymbal
vca cv input for the noise part of voices that use it
trigger ins AND outs per voice
momentary accents per voice

ALL these controls should’ve already been present on ANY reiteration of this machine. repeating history 30 years on and expecting a different result...?
October 16, 2020  | person circuitbender

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