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Ariel Raguet: Eurorack + miRack

YouTuber Ariel Raguet goes full blorp in this bleepy-blorpy double-modular jam!

Video Description:

Ariel Raguet

Flores20200630 01 k2 Euro miRack

Behringer K2: monophonic analog synth.
Make Noise Wogglebug: random clock source, random stepped cv.
Make Noise Maths: LFO and random LFO.
Mutable Instruments Plaits: digital sound source.
Agustin Aguirre RNDM: 4 channel random voltage generator.
Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Box: monophonic analog synth.
Rebel Technology Mix 02: mixing all synths outs.
Tiptop uZeus: power.

Korg SQ-1: random sequences

Mooer Reecho Pro Delay:
type: TapeEcho
mode: Normal

The reverb is the program 9 of the mixer Behringer Xenyx 1002fx.

iPad Pro with miRack

The reverb is the program 9 of the mixer Behringer Xenyx 1002fx.

Recorded with Cubase Elements 10.5.20

Reader Comments 3

Fantastic! Now, just imagine if these things were around to automate the soundtracks of Classic Dr. Who episodes! I can’t be the only one who’s getting the whole ‘Classic Dr. Who-vibe’... right???

~ Jay ✌️💙

✔️ P.S. I ❤️ humans.
✔️ P.P.S. Bowties are cool! 😎
Settling down, tired but determined, to read/listen to blog entires from a newly minted Fed-whisper wonder-kid named Nathan Tankus I fired up the Ariel Raguet "Eurorack + miRack" music video Tim Webb recommended for what I hoped would be an emotionally noncommittal and intellectually neutral background soundtrack to tamp down the incessant background noises of the city. Young Tankus was still in high school when the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008-2009 struck the world economy. Apparently this event, along with some nudging by high-school teachers, inspired him to delve into the study of financial crises with the sort of fervor and focus only a young, still developing, mind can muster and sustain. He claims to have reread Keynes, _The_General_Theory_of_Employment Interest and Money_ multiple times until he began to "understand" it. Far wiser and talented grey-hairs than myself have raised no objection to this youthful boldness/naivety(?) so I thought maybe it was time I risked the possibility of Twatter induced clickbait hyperbole and sampled some of his in-depth blog-posts. Following up The Master with numerous post-Keynesian treatises by trained/brainwashed(?)/establishment Economists he continued to attack the subject with a vigor only the young can bring repeatedly unto the breech without flagging. He eventually, and wisely if I may interject, 'discovered' Minsky. A perfect dovetail with his initial fascination around crises of economics. What is to be treasured are the fresh connections, erroneous or otherwise, this young mind makes between The Masters. What makes him so unique and precious is he, as yet, remains unlettered with any formal academic economic rout indoctrination of the University-level pre-GFC sort. He came to Keynes an open minded uninfected virgin vessel. When asked about what higher education he wanted to seek out he says he is not interested in Economics but is more interested in the Law and Policy. In short, the ring-masters that economists ultimately service post de facto. Most perspicuous. Probably got that from Keynes. His technique reminds me of Ben Franklin's sheet of paper with a list of the cons on one side and the pros down the other side. Only, Nathan uses a simplified version of balance sheet accounting, debits versus credits, assets versus liabilities if you prefer, to cut through the Central-Banker Speak and lay out the meaning and consequences their gobbledygook terminology into the fundamental real-world consequences of their actions. He boils away the Fed-speak and just follows the debits and credits (the 'money' if you prefer). I found myself LMAO thinking how throughly and completely Fed Chairman Powell has pulled the wool over the eyes of the man-sized Cheeto shit-for-brains POTUS cowering in the bunkers at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Now we don't just have Banks-To-Big-To-Fail, we now have, going forward into perpetuity, sundry Corporations-To-Big-To-Fail! Can't wait to see what those "stress tests" look like in our brave new post-covid world =:^D!!! Only Trump could be stupid enough to think the Neoliberal Order would go quietly into the night as if they weren't the real winners once again ;) Welcome Discchordians to Disaster-Economics 3.0! You don't have to like it, but, it probably wouldn't be smart to fight the Fed, with your own money, for now, at least!
It was as I caught my breath between bouts of LMAO that I first heard a commotion outside my open window. I looked down from my window directly above a swarm of what I counted to be seven angry gray Daleks bumping into each other, like gas molecules in a closed container over a bunsen burner flame, at the base of the steep stairs leading up to my building entrance. When I turned my head to look up and down the street I counted six more gray Daleks trundling along from various directions and distances all vectoring straight towards the commotion below. All were screeching "Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminate!" All along the street window shades were being swiftly drawn closed, room lights were being doused, and the occasional automobile could still be heard squealing to a halt followed by the whine of high speed reverse maneuvers.
The music continued out of my BlueTooth soundbar unabated for I had never actually seen 'live' Daleks 'in the flesh' before and couldn't take my eyes off the scene unfolding below. Besides, I'd sold the ground level ranch house in the burbs and moved to this high-rise to be safely ensconced up multiple flights of narrow stairwells for just this sort of circumstance! Meanwhile the gray Daleks become progressively more agitated as they screeched "Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminate!" louder and more insistently! I was getting scared I admit. Wasn't LMAO now!
Gradually, twelve greyish smaller Daleks began to coalesce around a central figure that seemed to swell into a slightly larger and now nuclear-greenish Dalek. The greys attention still appeared to lash out angrily in random hateful spasms around the swarm's periphery but their attention inevitably turned inwards toward a now increasingly garish green female(?) Dalek. She continued to be growing in stature in the visual spectrum sensors of her gray admirers.
The gadget on the end of the greenish Dalek's proboscis (or, "eyestalk"?) had swapped out from the usual toilet plunger cup shape to a roundish shape, but, it was very hard to make out due to it's rapid vibration. Then her proboscis fully retracted inward and she started quivering more and more violently all the while frantically screeching "Exterminate". Smoking hot. Her servos literally moaned. By now the greys had pretty much encircled the green and she seems to have captivated all their bio-electro-circuits. They were still screeching "Exterminate", yet, with decreasing vigor and anger as their fascination with watching the green queen quiver and quake while wisps of day-glow green smoke leaked out between her battle armour plates over powered them. The grays grew ever more enraptured.
Meanwhile, the youtube video hit some sort of crescendo (~4:50/7:30) only a Dalek could appreciate and the central green Dalek, in a pitch to craze every window pane and windshield on the block, suddenly scream-screeched: "FORNICATE, FORNICATE, FORNICATE!!!!!"
All hell broke loose! I had to duck for cover as electro-laser beams crackled and seared the air, rainbows of sparks flew off armored plates, and tiny missiles with innumerable different little warheads whizzed around the Tom & Jerry cartoonish mayhem only to seemingly choose an optimal moment to dive straight back down into the cluster-fuck to deliver their payloads to one of the remaining damaged gray Daleks still standing. I could only catch glimpses of this angry hate-filled orgy of violence by watching the shadows of the destruction flash and dance across the white walls and ceiling of my shelter-in-place man-cave during the height of the melee.
Just as suddenly as it began, the toxic plume and the din of battle started to clear, and I dared peer wide-eyed over the now blistered paint of my window ledge again. Two battle blasted and weary grays seemed to be struggling to rearm and repair themselves for their final spasms of hate-filled angry extermination, all while still screeching in their gravelly electronic voices what now sounded like "FORNIMATE" or "EXTERMICATE" (Dalek love poetry perhaps?), when the unscathed green suddenly produced the usual proboscis and without hesitation dispatched the more battle damaged grey. With one last billow of oily black smoke he toppled over. The green queen now started to open what appeared to be two curved cabinet doors on the front of her lower battle skirt. I only caught a brief glimpse of a pulsating dripping green gaping and quivering pair of meat-curtains slowly pulling back to reveal multiple tightening concentric toothy rings receding into a vertical maw of sorts normally hidden within her lower battle skirt. I say "glimpse" because she was simultaneously turning toward the surviving gray which thankfully placed her backside towards me. The last gray standing was facing in my general direction and now appeared visibly relieved, and, somehow, at the same time wearing a visage expectant of destiny's fulfillment as he basked in the green beams of light emanating from his fast approaching Venus upon a shell. Considering this was a gray bucket-head Dalek I have to admit I was pretty impressed with that level of expressiveness. Suffice it to say, my new PTSD therapist claims she will need treatments for the rest of her life after listening to my full description of the sights and sounds that transpired next between the two Daleks, so I shall spare you gentle readers like trauma. If she thinks I'm paying for those lifetime of sessions I got bad news for her! Then something completely unexpected happened!
The green Dalek croaked "LEVITATE!" and began to rapidly rise while rotating around only to stop midair looking directly into my open window! Mercifully the 'cabinet doors' on the front of her battle skirt were now closed again, but, as she gently bobbed there seemingly resting on a day-glow green pillar of light filled with swirling green dust motes of plasma, I lost all sphincter control like the coward I apparently am. Through my abject terror, as she first pointed her toilet bowl plunger shaped proboscis at me and then at my Bose soundbar playing the final notes of the Eurorack + miRack music video, I thought I could hear what sounded like the three-way cross between a Jakob HaQ inspired Eventide sound-effect, a red-hot fireplace poker, and a really pissed-off 30 pound tomcat (why pissed-off? I better leave that to the reader's imagination as well) emanating from her battle skirt glowing healthily before me! The last thing I remember seeing was her almost imperceptible respectful nod towards the iPad* clutched to my chest with death-grip hands locked onto it.
What happened next I can't honestly say for my eyes were closed tighter than a deep-diving Sperm whale's blowhole. So I rely on my neighbors as witnesses. I am not exactly proud of my purported actions but at least I am alive to tell the tale! After the Dalek's nod, I apparently started to grovel for my life, face first in the old brown shag carpet with it's fifty years worth of apartment dwelling cat piss and toy poodle shits. My neighbor, who will no longer look me in the eye for some reason, said I reminded her of a Trump cabinet official begging to keep their job after two weeks on the job! Her husband offered up the consolation I was probably in shock because I kept muttering over and over again how I had nothing to do with that music video and shouldn't be held responsible, and that they [viz., the Daleks] should look for a guy named Ariel Raguet, and if that didn't pan out, then try looking for a another guy named Tim Webb since he recommended the music video. While I was spilling my guts they also say I gave up some other guy known only as SuperFlyEDSguy?!? How weird is that? I, of course, categorically disavow all that as either a hoax or hearsay, and claim I don't remember any of it, and besides I never heard of those guys before, and if I did happen to recognize those names, not saying I do of course!, but if I did, then I hardly knew who they were anyway! Another thing that confuses me since that awful experience is how I am constantly being told, by anyone who will still listen, that my denials would sound a lot more convincing if I shout them over the thumping roar of a large helicopter parked nearby!?!?
Be that as it may, my neighbors say they saw the queen Dalek grab my Bose soundbar with her proboscis and then jet upward on a green beam of light at stupendous speed disappearing into a low cloud bank that only minutes before materialized over the city. In fact, materialized just moments (8 seconds in to be precise) after I started playing that youtube music video by my open window! Consider yourself warned Discchordians! .... Or was this all but a dream? Why do I feel like I've been asleep for the last three-and-a-half years?
* Researched the serial numbers on my Apple iPad and traced it back to one of many dual purpose factory-concentration camps in China where it was assembled by captured Uighur women who had IUDs forcibly implanted in their wombs before being 're-educated' and separated from their children and menfolk. Of course, there was the Facebook logo which probably helped spare me or my iPad as well, since that big-tech American company essentially outsources the bureaucratic expense and tedium of maintaining billions of secret-police type files on the subjects of authoritarian regimes in exchange for exclusive access to their internet browsing habits for the mere pittance of a small cut of the action paid to the dictatorial ruling elites granting the power of access. Next the US Secretary of Education's (I'm pretty sure Betsy Davros is her real name!) brother, Erik Prince, will also outsource offshore death squads for authoritarian so called 'state-capitalists' providing the ultimate in international level deniability! Sadly this bit wasn't entirely part of a dream, but clearly, if it were, then the green queen Dalek's nod was what used to be referred to as "professional courtesy."



July 04, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
Sorry to hear that about your soundbar. I'm personally quite fond of the little JBL speakers. They're surprisingly powerful for when you need it, and subtle when you don't. I've become a bit of a speaker snob after having spent the last 12 years in front of the finest monitors Mackie ever produced, and these JBL do not disappoint me. From a thick and clean bass to crisp highs I'm very impressed.

Get the Flip 4, and not the later models. They fucked up the design in 5.

They are waterproof, so I use one in the shower every day, but they are not as shock resistant as they claim.

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