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Behringer Eurorack Go

Manufacturer BEHRINGER has had a very busy year, and they're closing it out with the announcement that they'll be releasing affordable Eurorack cases. This news might not seem relevant here, but I believe this might be a major turning point in the Eurorack industry. The recent Behringer clones have been Eurorack compatible, and extremely cheap. Now they're offering a complete solution.

It is going to be very tough for boutique Eurorack manufacturers to justify the high price tag on small modules when Behringer is throwing around their weight. How likely are you to spend $600 on a Make Noise DPO, when you can get both a Model D and Neutron for that price? They also tease new mini modules are forthcoming.

Video Description:

Check out our new eurorack case Eurorack Go for modular synths. Two times 140 hb of space, beefy power supply, stand and carrying handle. Götz is unboxing the case, builds a modular synth with two Model Ds, a Behringer Neutron and a couple of modules.

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I'm holding out for a Behringer copy of a Buchla Easel.
December 12, 2019  | favorite_border Tony
Now if they only added a dc coupled, class compliant audio interface (like expert sleepers es series), so you could easily interface ios apps and modular, and it’d be affordable too, that’d be great.
December 13, 2019  | person_outline Vyujhahew
Anyone who's actually looking at a DPO wouldn't be interested in a full semi-modular. The DPO is a complex oscillator that can make incredibly rich, harmonically dense tones with tons of modulation capabilities. The Behringer synths are nice, but rather traditional synths. It's apples and oranges.

Moreover, the point of modular is to build a system with the exact components you want. Most people with modular systems aren't interested in filling 70hp of their rack with a full semi-modular synth.

When Behringer breaks everything out into individual components there will no doubt be more interest. But while I can see them becoming a danger to Doepfer (who make simpler, more traditional modules) I really can't see Behringer making the more innovative, complex things that boutique companies offer.

And I would argue that's the core of the market. Sure a lot more people will jump in if they can get cheap modules from Behringer, but I'm also sure most of those people will rather quickly jump out when they realize that modular is complex, time consuming, space inefficient, and, even with super-cheap modules, very expensive. There's no reason to go modular unless you're trying to get specific sonic results or have specific workflows. Recreating traditional synths is not a good approach.

It's a niche market, not because it's expensive. Rather it's expensive because it's a niche market.
December 14, 2019  | favorite_border ajp
I'm the guy who purchased the Mantis case five minutes before I heard about this, but I'm not regretting it. One of my criteria was "luggability", and the Mantis qualifies in the sense that it's a bit unwieldy, but reasonably comfortable to carry around. This case is 35% larger, and would therefore be OK for studio use, but larger than I was looking for in a transportable case.
December 16, 2019  | person Roikat

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