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SonicLAB: Novation's New Launchpad X and Mini MK3

Sonic State got a look at the newest additions to Novation's Launchpad lineup. The devices seem like nice upgrades from previous Launchpad generations, but these prices are gouging Americans. The Launchpad X is £180, yet they want $250 for it? If you just look at the direct currency conversion, that is about $25 too high. When you further factor in that fact that the UK price includes VAT, North America is getting double-fucked on this one. The price before VAT is somewhere around £160, so the North American price should be $200.

Update: Reader Shevlok is actually consulting detective Sherlock in an ingenious disguise! I'm glad he was on the case, because he points out that the official Novation site does list the Launchpad X for $200.

Video Description:

We visited their popup shop in London for a first peek at their new Launchpads - the Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini MK3 both have new pads with higher sensitivity and new custom modes as well as more accisbile Ableton Live functionality.
Launchpad X 179UK/$249 Mini MK3 99UK/$139

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Reader Comments 4

These devices are manufactured in China, I assume. Could the price difference for the US have less to do with Novation, and more to do with a certain trade war?

(I really don't know, but I'm wondering.)
October 15, 2019  | person chellman
The official website lists it at $200.
On October 15, 2019 - @Shevlok said:
The official website lists it at $200.

Thank you for pointing that out! I've updated the article, and I'm glad we're not getting gouged after all!
I'm inclined to agree with chellman, this is the kinda stuff that happens during times when a low rent wannabe despot decides to play economic genius through clueless manipulation of the market. Not only do you get boned by tariffs, there are stores out there who happily pretend the tariffs are the reason for the high prices even if there was no tariff on that particular product.

Trumps tariffs are insane, and they let bad actors do bad shit with zero consequences, tarnishing government as a whole in the process. Win win for the right, as per usual.
October 16, 2019  | person_outline Gortok the Slamhammer

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