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XTONE PRO 192K Professional Mobile Audio Interface

David Wallimann confirms my decision to remove my earrings 20 years ago. He also talks about guitar things, including an impressive interface that costs less than you might expect. There's an even cheaper model too.

Video Description:

►►Find out more about the XTONE Pro at http://www.xsonic.cc/

Specifically designed for software effects
192KHz Ultra-HD audio and 114db high dynamic range
XSPEED technology brings ultra-low latency
6 definable midi foot switches, expression pedal input
Guitar-specific input interface ensures a pure and clear sound
Support iOS, PC, Mac, and can be powered directly by them
Can be used for professional recording and music production
Studio-grade 50dB high-quality microphone preamp
48V phantom power
Zero-latency hardware monitor
MIDI IN/OUT interface
For guitar, bass, vocals, synthesizers
For rehearsal, bar, stage, recording
Include the redeem code of unlocking BIAS FX Essential pack

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Reader Comments 3

The question of "typical latency" is an important one. I take his "you won't perceive it" claim about the latency with a grain of salt. I don't know what the ratio is between latency that comes from the iOS device, vs the latency introduced by the interface.

I love that it has assignable buttons & exp pedal input-- seems like a great way to get the effects into a more workable live setting-- if the latency thing really is acceptable (which I have my doubts about).
August 16, 2019  | favorite_border stub
On August 16, 2019 - @stub said:
The question of "typical latency" is an important one. if the latency thing really is acceptable (which I have my doubts about).
Yup, I agree. Piano players are a lot more fussy than guitar players about latency. I would like to see some measurements, or, “try before you buy” kind of thing. Certainly will NOT be ordering online.
August 17, 2019  | person burnalot
One thing any reviewer could do to give a viewer (potential buyer) a no-nonsense snapshot of the latency would be to make a stereo recording with a microphone several inches from the actual strings of the guitar on the left channel, and the output of the iPad (fairly clean effects) on the right channel.

You would hear the actual string being plucked in your left ear, then a period of wait&see-latency then the output signal in the right ear. If the latency is low enough, the two channels will sound fairly coherent.
August 18, 2019  | favorite_border stub

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