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Synclavier Knob is Now Available!

Synclavier tests the boundaries of credulity today with the release of a $400 MIDI Knob for their $30 app.

It seems like a fine and sturdy knob. You could potentially whack this knob pretty hard without fear of it falling off. Its exaggerated girth ensures you'll always be able to get a solid meaty grip.

If you're an American, where "knob" has a slang connotation, you may expect that the $400 knob of which I speak must be a wildly expensive dildo. While I assure you that it is not, it is worth pointing out how much this thing will fuck you.

For the sake of comparison Korg makes a controller that costs $52, and features 8 knobs. You even get a some sliders and buttons, but on a purely knob-based economic consideration you're getting knobs at $6.50 each from Korg. Similarly the Novation Launch Control XL packs in 24 knobs at a comparable $6.66 per knob.

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LOL great coverage of this ridiculously overpriced knob, Tim 😂
April 24, 2019  | person_outline Dutchee
To protect against tarnishing or finger printing, it is advised you occasionally clean your knob.

At least that much is good advice.
April 24, 2019  | person_outline rbh
Looking at the website (to verify that price cos ... that price) I see that the knob is a recreation of the Synclavier II knob (in weight and feel) which goes some way to validating the price (depending on the user) however my mouth literally opened when reading "stand not included".

The above comment could be viewed as snarky so I'll add: if the combo of Synclavier Go! and this knob make life better who is anyone to criticize that?
April 24, 2019  | person_outline Pete
Expecting music gear to be democratically priced from a small operation like Synclavier Digital is probably expecting too much. The Synclavier knob is handmade so Synclavier Digital doesn't enjoy the economy of scale that's available to Korg. It's also unfair to compare the Synclavier knob, which is a heavy, spring-driven, rate of change controller, with Korg's mass-produced rotary encoder. It's like comparing a Buchla to Korg's Volca Modular. Both make noise. But the Buchla is going to be a better experience and has a price tag to match.
April 24, 2019  | person_outline Ian Copeland
$6.66, per knob? That's devilishly simple choice.
April 24, 2019  | person_outline KT
Let's be honest, this is a vanity piece for the vanity loving market. There is no other way to justify the price. The materials and labor cannot come to much, no matter where or how it is made. It is like those $100 t-shirts from fancy designers. They are marketing to someone, and it may not be you.
Think of it as a piece of art. Perhaps.

They are making them in small numbers it seems - the site says there are 17 available. So, it is almost like a "bespoke" item. That might explain the price.

The site says " Reviewers have commented that for the modest cost of a Synclavier Knob and a decent MIDI keyboard, with Synclavier Go! you have what amounts to a full a Synclavier set-up that would’ve cost tens of thousands of dollars back in the day. "

Their website lists "The Knob" as $400 but notes that the stand is NOT included. They helpfully add " Bike holder styles work really well ".
April 24, 2019  | person_outline Simon
People are such consumerist clusterfucks , man I gotta come up with somthing like this. To think there will be a sp1200 clone for not much more than this coming soon from isla, pioneer justlaunched a sequencer, there are so many new pieces of awesome gear , then there is this fucking knob? Those korg knobs on the nanokeystudio, those are shit though, not worth $6.00, if i wasnt so good at destroying electronics i would love to replace them and thier case, or build my own controller. But then it gets i to that reinventing the wheel cycle thing.... but 400 dollars?
April 24, 2019  | person_outline Ian
Insane. Stupid. Ridiculous.

What a bunch of knobs.

This makes Moog products seem very reasonably priced. I’d buy Moog stuff if I had the cash. This... never.
April 25, 2019  | person dysamoria
Imma wait fo the recreation of the single “Synclavier II button”.
April 25, 2019  | person SupaJoint
In defense of the Knob, I used a Synclavier extensively between 1989-98 and the way the knob interacts with those military grade red buttons was a thing of beauty. The interface doesn’t look so great on iPad but using the Synclavier keyboard with a sampling/fm system was state of the art. The knob felt awesome. $400 is pricey - at least I have my memories ;
April 25, 2019  | person dougdi
Love how people in the comments section are trying to pad out the cognitive dissonance that this piece of tech inspires. 'Think of it as a piece of art', ''it's hand made', 'it's heavy and not a rotary knob and maybe has a spring that costs 2 cents in it'. I'll tell you what it actually is.

An old ass, has-been, washed up music tech company trying to get some publicity while also trying to take advantage of the 'late stage capitalism' blues. Let's face it, they think we're living in 'Idiocracy' times, and they may be right.
Dunno what all the fuss is about. $400 wouldn't even get you wheels for a Mac Pro.
May 24, 2020  | person Bob

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