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The Mobile Music: I've Got G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel talks about his Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I like his approach of limiting himself to a given space. That's worked out well for me. I limited myself to only buying gear that would fit on my desk.

Once I filled up my desk, I stopped buying! Eventually the G.A.S. faded. I'm proud to say I'm G.A.S. free today!

Video Description:

A little chat about always wanting "the next thing." Maybe it's not the thing you want so much as it's the anticipation of getting it that is the exciting part. Some ruminations for you - I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below

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Reader Comments 4

Thanks for featuring this one, Tim. I was hoping to take a new look at something that's been talked about to death and hopefully offered a fresh perspective!
@Daveypoo: Yeah, I think this is an important topic. I remember my G.A.S. got in the way of my creativity for too long. It is a pit we let ourselves fall into. By acknowledging it as a problem we can address it!

You did a great job of striking a balance between shining light on the issue (and the subtleties of it), without it becoming a big self-shaming thing.

I always take myself off catalog lists, and when a Sweetwater catalog (for example) comes, I play a game-- (usually in the "reading" room)-- go cover-to-cover without wanting/needing any of it. On one level, it's a good exercise, on another level, I can see that it does kind of feed the beast in a round-about way.

It is always fascinating to me to see how I want something-- an piece of gear, an app, a plugin, a feature-- then when I get it, there is that weird "let-down" that you describe. Not that I'm disappointed with said hardware or software, sometimes (rarely) the item gets put in to very regular use. It is just the arc of expectation and fulfillment is finished.

That said, most acquisitions-- even ones that I am excited about-- have to wait until I have free time, which is often in short supply.

I have a few pieces of gear (for example, Kurzweil PC3 synth, Lexicon MPX-1 effect, Roland VM-3100 Digital Mixer) where I know there is a huge amount of depth in terms of things that can be done. And I read the manuals for ideas and inspiration. It's not a subversion of G.A.S. but is rather an alternate version-- G.A.S.'ing for stuff you already have but don't have much time for.

I know I can pare down my equipment, and even my software, but there are hoarding aspects as well-- "What if I need this later?"

It's a big topic, but your "wanting the wanting" comments were illuminating.
Thanks for the feedback, guys - just don't want to come off as preachy!

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