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KORG volca modular: Modular, Meet volca

Today KORG announced a couple of new additions to their Volca range! In addition to a new digital Volca Drum module, they have also unveiled the rumored Volca Modular. This is a semi-modular analog synth that should be arriving soon for $200! For that you get 50 patch points to play with!

I try to respect the styling of various brands. I know I'm being goofy with the lower d in discchord too. I just cannot keep up with KORG though. Now volca is supposed to be lower? Has it always been that way? Shit, I just checked my "volca bass" and it is indeed all lower. Meanwhile KORG is supposed to be all caps, which means whenever I read it back it sounds like shouting ironically. ALL SHALL KNEEL BEFORE KORG!

Meanwhile on YouTube, Korg is letting their branding slip with only a single capital letter in the name.

Video Description:

KORG volca modular is a semi-modular analog synthesizer in the KORG volca format that makes modular synthesis more accessible and understandable than ever before. Featuring 50 patch points for using the 20 included patch cables to connect the eight onboard modules in any way imaginable, volca modular was created with “West Coast Style” synthesis in mind, to offer a unique sound and design that deviates from traditional synthesis norms.

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With the Korg Gadget posts, it almost sounds like Borg has taken over Discchord. #FutilityIsResistance
On January 15, 2019 - @Enkerli said:
With the Korg Gadget posts, it almost sounds like Borg has taken over Discchord. #FutilityIsResistance

LOL! Yeah, I was feeling the same way by the time I got to this article!
I was hoping they would start making gadget devices! That’d be so beyond awesome, specially if they linked into gadget via WiFi or Bluetooth, the ways they could do this are plentiful, the devices are just waiting to be unleashed!
January 15, 2019  | person_outline Ian
Something neat about this specific device is that they carefully market it as “West Coast”, putting some amount of emphasis on experimentation in direct contrast to “mainstream music”. This is explicitly not the kind of musical instrument which does a “killer phat saw with crunchy rez filter” type of bassline or lead. It’s enough in the Buchla spirit to be about weird bleeps and bloops, including the microtuning.

The lakeside demo is pretty effective too.

My hunch is that, despite all this care, some unsuspecting musickers will buy it without reading the marketing copy (or listening to the demo), expecting something closer to a “nanologue” or microMS-20. After complaining loudly on diverse forums, they’ll sell those back. My hunch is that we’ll easily find secondhand Volca Modulars before long.
From there, prices will go down enough that some enterprising people in poor parts of the world will mod those VMs use them as the core of a new type of hacky rig, going back to the Volca line’s Monotron roots. Then, Korg will hire a new Tats-like geek and give her free reign over a new line of circuit-bendable machines.

That or the Volca Modular will blast open the Eurorack side of the modular world and pin cables will replace 3.5mm patch leads.

Again, “All Shall Kneel Before Korg”.
when when when when when when when when????
January 15, 2019  | favorite_border Tony
I'm interested to hear more demo tracks of this new modular Volca. Interesting that their new Minilogue XD demo track is all about wanting to be aggressive and the Volca Modular track is pretty mellow. I'd like to hear some of the opposite from both. How aggressive can the VolcaModular sound and how mellow can the Minilogue XD sound?
This is easily the most exciting Volca so far. What an amazing entry to modular this is going to be. I have a decent eurorack "west coast" system, but I’m definitely still buying this little fella. KORG keeps on being awesome.
January 15, 2019  | person_outline Datruth
Anyone know if this does more than Ripplemaker ?
I think it's amusing how Korg have even chosen the colour scheme to mirror that of Buchla's Music Easel. I was thinking about building one of these, as the Buchla is one synth I've wanted ever since I were a wee lad. Would the Korg suffice? I don't know. Despite appearances, the Korg sadly doesn't have anything like the depth and power of the Buchla. But nice try Korg. Certainly looking like a lot of fun for not a lot of lolly!
@tom_tm: Yeah man, I'm so with you on all points. I'd love a Behringer Buchla clone at 1/10th the price of a real Buchla. This KORG offering is superior in one key aspect though: You can actually buy it.
On January 16, 2019 - @Tim Webb said:
I'd love a Behringer Buchla clone at 1/10th the price of a real Buchla.

YES YES YES to a Behringer Buchla clone! Who do we talk to about that?
January 16, 2019  | favorite_border Tony
@Tim Webb I'm tempted to build a Buchla seeing it's reasonably easy to buy most of the parts now. Not super cheap, but certainly cheaper than buying a new one, or waiting for Behringer to come up with one.

@tom_tm: Damn that looks like an epic build!

I especially liked the look of these 70's style boards. I have a very rudimentary understanding of Electrical Engineering, and these big chunky 70's era components are the extent of my expertise.
Title case or nothing. The end.
January 19, 2019  | person dysamoria

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