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Gaz Williams: iPad Pro 2018 USB Hub Warning!

Gaz Williams posted an nice rant on new problems faced by iPad Pro owners with the removal of the headphone jack in the 2018 model. Due to the way iOS automatically swaps to newly connected audio devices, it can suddenly swap to a connected USB C Hub if that hub offers a headphone output. This is even the case when you do not have headphones plugged into the hub's headphone jack.

This can be avoided if you intentionally buy a hub without a headphone connection. This is yet one more aggravation in the clusterfuck of Apple's bone-headed move to try to sell more high-latency Bluetooth AirPods.

Video Description:

The fairly new iPad Pro 3rd generation has replaced the lightning port with a much more useful USB C port but the removal of the headphone socket spells trouble for musicians who require super low latency. This USB hub by EUASOO has a headphone socket but that causes a certain issue...

Reader Comments 6

Thank you for this. Couldn’t agree more!
No headhone jack for phone? No buy phone.
No headphone jack for ipad? No buy ipad

No headphone jack for ? Go play games or make excel sheets and dont forget to buy lots of adapters to carry around with you in yer pockets...

the new narcis filter makes your selfies look really good though:)
(P.s. You cannot balance the phones on their sides anymore either for times shots)
-no physical home button kinda sucks too... (Even with laptops, i like a physical switch to turn off wifi- its all so wishy washy relying solely on software- software that can show you one thing, but do another in the background.. That black thing up top of the phones is fugly- a long black bar would be esthetically more pleasing...

On a positive note, I heard the bend looks pretty chic ..:)

(But for real, i use my headphone jack on my phone to listen to music when i am out and about... I will not carry extra crap to do so...)
-also, before i record anything via line, i often like to hook up the headphone jack to jam around wherever, whenever without extra steps that need to be bought - basically everybody , everywhere has a headphone jack cable waiting to be fed (without extra adapters)

Not a rant, just a subjective opinion:) i actually love this stuff, but i will not invest in what i can only call : corporate trolling...

Live long and prosper:)
January 07, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader
On a similar note, my QuNexus was made much less useful by the same decision to remove headphone jacks; no way to play, monitor, and charge simultaneously now.

I think Apple officially gives zero fucks about musicians, safe to say.
January 09, 2019  | person Nonny Moose
Imagine all the awesome gear we would have had the big corporations not been able to sue to oppress progress! I hope a new platform sidesteps these pukes at Apple and give our devs a new evolved and safe place to work. A company that involved the devs and us musicians and our niche fetish into its development plans.
January 10, 2019  | person_outline Ian
I love Gaz, but he is a dickhead as well.
I use comsol USB c hub with 3 USB a, 1 USB c with power pass through and it works ok.
I don’t understand this video, is he on drugs?
January 11, 2019  | person_outline Leslie
Btw; I’m on iPad Pro 12’9, 1TB, 4G, running Cubasis
January 11, 2019  | person_outline Leslie

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