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GarageBand Sound Quality Face Off: iRig vs iRig?

Patrick from TheGaragebandGuide bought a knock-off of the already cheap iRig interface for $1. He compares the two with some very surprising results that you can hear for yourself!

Video Description:

In this video I pit IK Multimedia's original iRig against a cheap knock off I bought from Wish .com for $1.

How will they compare.....?

All guitars and bass guitars were recorded in GarageBand for iOS on a 10.5" iPad Pro (with a headphone jack!) using either the official iRig or Wish 'knock off'.

GarageBand beginner? This is for you: http://thegaragebandguide.com/beginners

I chat all things GarageBand (and post the occasional spicy meme) here:

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Reader Comments 7

Wow IK Multimedia has some explaining to do. Do they just wing it with cheap af components or did Wish just steal IK Multimedia’s R&D efforts?
December 10, 2018  | favorite_border Erik
I doubt much R&D went into it. Probably both just use a couple resistors.

I wonder if IK did a small production run, and decided to change something so sold off the batch (or maybe the manufacturer just put them in a box next to the dumpster.
December 11, 2018  | favorite_border stub
haha, is this an IK takedown? Video no longer available.

Thanks Tim for renewing my dislike for everything IK, though I didn't need much help with that really
December 11, 2018  | person_outline Hx
that was snarky, sorry. I have no idea why the video was removed. I never got to watch it.

Just suffice to say I'm not a fan of some of the IK marketing techniques. So I generally avoid their hardware and apps, unless I do a crap-ton of research and really determine that they have something to offer that I could use. Good practice for all purchases I guess but some companies merit more scrutiny than others.
December 11, 2018  | person_outline Hx
Hmmm! I've asked Patrick what happened. Thanks for letting me know, Hx.
For those that didnt see the video, the result was that they were pretty much impossible to tell apart. The $1 unit sounded as good as the $30 unit.
December 11, 2018  | person_outline Simon
Yeah, apparently Patrick has a friend at IK that alerted him to a potential legal threat from a manger there. I doubt anything could come from that, but it could still be a pain in the ass... so he yanked it.


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