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ROLI Beatmaker Kit

Yesterday ROLI hyped up a new Beatmaker Kit that I was embargoed from talking about. Today ROLI disappointed me with the actual release of the Beatmaker Kit. This is a $300 bundle with the Lightpad Block M and a Loop Block. That is $25 more than if you were to buy those bits individually on Amazon.

If you do purchase the Kit at its premium price you also get a 6 month subscription to learning site Melodics, which has some integration with the kit.

Here's a video from the official ROLI YouTube channel, with Marcus Veltri talking about learning to finger drum.

Video Description:

Learn more about Beatmaker Kit: https://roli.com/products/blocks/beat...
Follow Marcus Veltri's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXBc...
Learn more about Melodics: https://www.melodics.com/

Self-taught pianist Marcus Veltri explains how the Beatmaker Kit and Melodics helped him learn finger drumming so he could add better beats to his tracks.

Beatmaker Kit comes with a free 6-month Melodics subscription — and a custom integration that makes it simple to plug in and play.

Explore hundreds of interactive lessons designed to improve your skills in Melodics. Begin with the basics or challenge yourself to play complex patterns.

Reader Comments 2

I reaaaally don’t get ROLI. They obviously have some great hardware designers and engineers, but the actual product management is off the fucking rails. And it’s like the software team is on another planet... Some of their apps, like Snap are pretty innovative but totally fucking crippled with mind numbing limitations that would take like 5 minutes to fix to make them 5 star apps. I’ve heard the software for blocks and seaboard are similarly obtuse... It’s like the place is schizophrenic.
October 11, 2018  | person DrüMünkey
Tell us how you really feel, @DrüMünkey. 😉
Better yet, give them your suggestions. 💡
(Their community managers are pretty cool. They may not be able to do much in the Roland Lamb decision tree, but they have a good attitude and do provide some context to strange decisions.)

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