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iPad Fretless Fader & Aerodrum

YouTuber Recspin was inspired by the Fretless Fader. This DJ controller is long promised and still unrealized, so Recspin made his own! Here he's using a MixFader with BeatMaker 3 below it. It can be hard to find a reliable drummer, so he simply cloned himself and played on Aerodrums.

Video Description:

I had a lot of fun making this and it took many, many, many hours to do so. Just creating the fretless was a lot of work.

It’s me and my clone. I’m on the turntable and my clone is on the drums. Big thanks to my bro Collin for the camera work and support. I hope you enjoy it!

The fretless fader consists of a MixFader Fader with ProLink. The iPad is running BeatMaker 3 by Intua .The amazing air drums are from Aerodrums. I used the Aerodrums to connect to Ableton Live for the drums. The 7” vinyl is Kings & Queens by @djmikec and @djdonpaco.

For anyone wanting to use a fretless while they wait for the official one from @johnbeeztheone to come out, it’s possible to use your iPad, Portable fader, Rails and a midi device. It’s not perfect and not meant to be a replacement for a real fretless. When an official one comes out, I’ll be the first to support it and I hope everyone else that’s interested will too.

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"I'm Pickle Rick!!"

(Just watched that episode yesterday).
October 08, 2018  | favorite_border stub

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