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Hyper Objeckt - Volcas in Three Different Time Signatures

Hyper Objeckt participated in a Disquiet challenge to create a song using 3 different time signatures simultaneously. Since they are all Over 4, the result is polyrhythmic. His constant twiddling and tweaking send this spacey beat extraterrestrial! I liked this one a lot!

Video Description:

Spooky vibes! I created this for Disquiet Junto Project 0327, which challenged participants to "Create a piece of music that is simultaneously in 3/4, 2/4, and 7/4 time."

Drums: Volca Kick (in 2/4 time)
Chords: Volca Keys (in 3/4 time)
Hihats/arps: Volca FM (in 7/4 time)
Reverb: Zoom MS70-CDR (not pictured)
Mixed on Volca Mix
Recorded on Steinberg U22
Mastered with LANDR


Reader Comments 2

Nice tones & feel.

Because the quarter note is common, and 16th notes are common, the little groupings that are created by the other time signatures doesn't feel especially "polyrhythmic" but does feel like it plays across the bars and does some fun little beat-grouping effects.

Still feels like 4/4, but with more interesting things going on.
@stub: LOL! Yeah, I thought of you when I posted it... specifically that you would be unimpressed. I think for normies this is pretty fun polyrhythmic jamming.

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