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Cody Gratner - Lurker in the Abyss

YouTuber Cody Gratner is using AUM as an elaborate multi-track recorder for this jam on gear including a Make Noise 0-Coast and Electribe ER-1.

Video Description:

The Octatrack is just being used for time clock. It's sending midi time to the ER-1 and I have short pulse samples sending on 16ths and one every 4 bars to the Temps Utile to clock the modular.

The Temps Utile is sending proper 1/16th note clock signals to the Varigate 8+ and it's sending reset every 4 bars to both the Varigate 8+ and the Voltage Block. The Temps Utile is also sending 16ths to the 0-Coast's clock in.

The Varigate 8+ is sending gates to: the S-143 sequencer which is pitching the 0-Coast, the Minibrute for the kick drum, the 0-Coast for the contour and into the o_C in piqued for an envelope being mixed in the Triatt.

The Voltage Block is sending pitch CV to the Braids and is sending modulation to several other destinations. One of those is CV also being mixed in the Triatt.

The Triatt is mixing a static CV from knob 1, CV from the Voltage Block and envelopes from the o_C which is all feeding in to the CV input on the DPLPG, which is the low pass gate the Fold Processor is feeding in to which is being fed by Braids.

Everything is being ran in to the UMC-1820 which is sending multitrack audio in to AUM on iPad for recording stems. The stems were then mixed in Ableton Live.

The Pangolin plushie hiding on the right of the modular is for when I finally get a Manis Iteritas.

Reader Comments 3

Thanks for posting this! Just wanted to say that the AUM workflow I'm using here is absolutely fantastic for me!!

I was considering getting a Zoom R24 just to keep a computer out of the area (not because I'm anti-computer, but because I'd be tempted to integrate more than just recording). But, I found a Behringer UMC-1820 on a good price and that interface had been recommended by several trusted friends. So, I jumped in and got it set up with my iPad to get recording. And, it's the EXACT workflow I wanted with the R24 only easier! AUM has been a total breeze.

I also have Cubasis and a few other DAWs. But, I wanted the kinda more simple interface. With AUM, I can set up the tracks and just hit record. Then, the audio is then automatically in AudioShare in it's own folder. I can then select the folder and transfer it to my DropBox to get it on my computer I run Ableton Live on. This is the easiest and best setup!
February 22, 2018  | person cykranosh
Hi cykranosh, I agree! This is an excellent use of AUM. I'm surprised I don't see more people use it this way.
I agree, this is awesome!

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