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NAMM2018: IK Multimedia iRig Stomp I/O

IK Multimedia have announced the iRig Stomp I/O, a new audio/MIDI interface in the form of a USB pedalboard. The new device is MFi certified so you can plug it directly into an iOS device, and it will even charge the connected device! They are accepting pre-orders now for $300, and plan to ship in March.

Video Description:


iRig Stomp I/O is a brand new type of USB pedalboard controller that integrates a professional, high-resolution, MFi certified audio interface with MIDI input/output for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. It comes bundled with state-of-the-art guitar, vocal processing, and recording software for flexibility and usability, both live and in the studio.

Sturdy and robust, yet easily transportable, iRig Stomp I/O features four onboard metal stomp switches plus an expression pedal with a switch, all with LED indicators. To further extend its control possibilities, you can connect up to 2 additional switches or pedals. The MIDI IN/OUT ports make it possible to seamlessly control external processors when iRig Stomp I/O is used as a stand-alone MIDI foot controller, without any device or computer connected to it.

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They should've made some kind of point about working with Guitar Rig just to rub NI's face in their abandonment of their own Rig Kontrol...
January 26, 2018  | person dysamoria
I've been dreaming of a product like this, almost since I started music-making with my first iOS device (a 4th-gen iPod Touch!) back in 2012. In short: a unit which acts like a "pedalboard" guitar multi-FX device (like my Zoom G3), but which uses an iDevice as its "brain" - basically, so I could use iOS guitar amp/FX apps in a stage situation.

If I could get this board integrated with ToneStack (my usual iOS guitar app of choice), it would be really useful, so I could use the same TS patches for both recording and live performance. The $299 is a bit "whoah", but on reflection, about what you'd expect to pay for a decent multi-FX pedalboard from the likes of BOSS. I would hope that IK wouldn't force owners to use Amplitube, as that would be a deal-breaker for me - then again, you can use the apps of your choice with other IK products, so I'm probably worrying needlessly.

In short: assuming I could use my iPhone as the "brains" of an iRig Stomp I/O (and I can't see any problem doing so), this looks extremely tempting... gives me until later in the year, to save up for one for my birthday! :-P
January 26, 2018  | person_outline redhouserock
The price for this is only $50 more than the Tone Shifter 3S that was posted on this site about a month ago, and unlike that, you can be reasonably sure that when you pay for this, you'll actually receive it. I've not been super impressed with the quality of the iRig stuff, it's not terrible but not spectacular, either, but if this is easy to use with Bias, Loopy, or other software and not just IK's offerings, it'll be a decent deal. I'd rather have an all-in-one footswitch/interface than have to set up a separate interface and Bluetooth footswitch.
January 26, 2018  | person BruteFours

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