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BBoyTechReport: Roland TR-08 Review

BBoy Tech Report reviewed the relatively affordable Roland TR-08 boutique drum machine. Corry does a solid job of exploring all of the sound design options available on the device.

For even more details check out his written review.

Video Description:

So, we were finally able to take a good look at the Roland reincarnated classic drum machine of all drum machines and latest addition to the Boutique Series, TR-08.

Read the full review: http://www.bboytechreport.com/2018/01...

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Reader Comments 4

Roland got the looks and the sound right, but the USB is a dealbreaker for me. Yeah it's dope being able to send 10 tracks of audio to your daw... so long as the driver works. Being a Mac user and knowing how much Apple love to break things and Roland's tendency to discontinue products and then stop supporting them, I can't see this still working a few years from now.

Why do they insist on ignoring class compliance on their instruments? Even their bloody MIDI controller keyboards need a driver. Yet they can manage it with the audio interfaces.

And of course this also means it's useless for an iPad-based system.
January 09, 2018  | person Bob
Yeah, I have a lot of reservations about Roland's legacy driver support too.
I made a simular comment on the review gaz did, I dont like the planned obsolescence which is just blindly accepted by our comunity, we should make it absolutely clear there will be no tolerance whatsoever of this. Its every bit as destructive as the other countless topics we are wrestling with the last decade+ (and for some folk far beyond a decade) and moreso now than ever. As artists and musicians we are the very people who hold tomorrow in our hands by the decisions we make. Punk was the platform which opened my own eyes and got me asking questions that ended up having giant impacts on how I grew up to live and interact with the world arround me. There is no reason we dont simply cut the shit and stop being shills for the corporate elite to exploit. There are sooooo many awesome durable and built to last instruments available that murder anything rolland and korg have put out recently. Not sue how many of us have looked inside the gear we got but its not all equal, this brand loyalty is ruining any hope of some broke kid being able to pull something out of a pawn shop and start a new genre that takes over the world. few things out today will even survive a trip to a pawnshop....
January 10, 2018  | person_outline Ian
It is “CLAW-VAY” people say it with me now.

Selling my TR-09 for the simple reason it is too hard for my old eyes to read the low contrast small font labels, and when I shine some light on it I can no longer see which lights are on. Sounds good though.
January 10, 2018  | person_outline El Jeffe

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