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NAMM2017: AirTurn STOMP 6

AirTurn have brought us some excellent Bluetooth stomp pedals over the years, and now they're releasing a massive one with STOMP6.

AirTurn STOMP 6

The STOMP 6 by AirTurn gives you the flexibility you crave on stage. It has 6 industrial grade footswitches in a full-metal enclosure that lets you control your rig without breaking from your performance. It connects wirelessly over Bluetooth to any computer, tablet or smartphone. With the limitless possibilities of apps that work with AirTurn, you’re only limited by your imagination.

The new Stomp 6 will be shipping on the 25th of this month. Preorders are now available for $130.

The developer of OnSong let this video slip a day early, making discchord the first site to report on the new device! Proving once again that I do a better job of covering NAMM from my jammies than anyone on the floor.

Video Description:

The Stomp 6 is AirTurn’s latest wireless foot pedal creation. AirTurn is known for making foot pedals that are wireless, silent and durable with rechargeable batteries. But in this new pedal design, you can tell they’ve listened to the needs of performing guitarists. The Stomp 6 lets you amp up your rig with the power of an iPad running OnSong.

The Stomp 6 features an all metal design with six, stomp-style foot switches. These switches have a smooth action, but still provide the tactile feedback like you’d expect to find on your pedal board. In this video we review the AirTurn STOMP 6 and how to pair it with your iOS device. We'll cover how to enable the STOMP 6 and configure actions to perform in OnSong.

If you don't have OnSong yet, download it today at http://onsongapp.com/download/

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Music by Michael Hoover

Reader Comments 5

I dont see anywhere that this works outside the onsong app. Too bad , i thought it would replace irig blueboard as the next pedal for ipad apps.. Unless i am missing something...
January 18, 2017  | person_outline Hansendesigns
It is just a Bluetooth MIDI device. There's nothing explicitly OnSong only about it.

There's also a blurb in the specs on the pre-order page:
Works with hundreds of apps
No, it is not a bluetooth MIDI device, only an AirTurn device. Based on the comment, I purchased a Stomp 6 and was very disappointed to find that it is not in any way a MIDI device. Many apps ("hundreds") do support AirTurn devices but THE UNIT IS NOT MIDI-ENABLED, so this does not work in the thousands and thousands of MIDI-enabled iOS apps. Don't make assumptions and post comments without knowing the facts! A simple review of the specifications or the online user manual confirms that the Stomp 6 is an AirTurn — not a MIDI — device.
October 13, 2017  | person sardeeni
@sardeeni: Shit! I'm very sorry to hear that. I did make the assumption that based on their claims that it "Works with hundreds of apps" that it was using MIDI. I'm sorry to have played a part in misleading you, and extremely angry at AirTurn for being lead to do so.

Where did you buy it? Maybe you can ask for a return.

I've sent an email to AirTurn asking them to justify their nonsense.
We had a bit of a back and forth and concluded their press should probably have read:
Finally a switch with real flexibility to work with 4 popular apps.

I feel really bad about this, sardeeni. I'm sorry for misrepresenting it. This back and forth with them went no where, so now I'm trying to get you a refund. I'll email you so we can continue this privately.

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